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March 03, 2010


Cheeky netball name rejected

(Thanks to Kaffy)


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What's wrong with master baiting, I does it all the time.

That really rubs me the wrong way.

which cheeky were you referring to?

I need more coffee. I read that as cheeky nutball.

No Sooz, that's just the way we know your mind works.

heh...tru dat, amigo!

The urge to post this doesn't seem to stay satisfied.

Funny Siouxie, as I read "Master Baiters" as "Master Ballers" - which WBAGNFA netball team as well!

Should have gone with the Cunning Linguists

The organizers seem pretty mellow about it all. Good thing - you wouldn't want to tick those jerks off.

Something is fishy about this . . .

"risque reference to whitebaiting"? Alas, yet another failure of the English-speaking world to speak English.

so, this is all about herring, then? i'll have mine pickled in creme sauce.

Last year I was reffing a local high school badminton tournament, and the team names were much more suggestive than that. We had a girl's team called "The 69ers", and one of the girl's mothers was there running the tournament.

They shouldn't have had to change their name. I think they got the shaft.

I really need to get new glasses. I read that as cheeky meatball name rejected. I guess my appetite is returning after my past week with the 'flu virus from Hell' and I don't mean Michigan.

If they argued about it would they be the master debaters?

They could have changed the to Chicken Chokers...that might have passed.

Best team name ever (from the Over the Line tournament in San Diego): Suck my _ick 'till by balls turn to raisins.

The announcers had a lot of fun with that one.

the risque reference to whitebaiting

Whitebaiting? I've been somewhat of an "expert" on the topic for forty years or so and I have never heard that term.

A master master baiter can change hands without missing a beat.

What bollocks!

The Master Baiters looked to get out ahead, but what was the ova and under?

Those of you confused by the "whitebaiters" reference need to familiarize yourself with the Coney Island whitefish.

You might also be interested to know that netball is predominantly played by women!

I once entered a basketball tournament run by a christian outfit with a team called "The dog's bowl licks". The organisers failed to see the double-entendre in the name, until they said it out loud at the beginning of the tournament.
Merriment ensued.
Possible alternative headlines for this story:
Master Baiters given the snip
Master Baiters not coming this year
Tournament organisers blow Master Baiters
No Master Baiters allowed

Netball is also referred to as Women's Basketball in some parts of the world (beyond the reach of the WNBA).

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