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March 28, 2010


Man exceeds breathalyser's limit

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Whangarei District Court wbagnfa Punk Rock band ... ?

I'll hive what he's hooving. *hic!*

"Whangarei" was all police could get out of him. Authorities are trying to determine what the word means.

"Whangarei! You heard me, you b@stards. I said Whangarei and I meant Whangarei."

Steve: It means "Rosebud".

Was there any blood left in his bloodstream?

I'll bet he told them he only drank 2 beers.

Fortunately he was not armed with his digeridoo or things could have gotten ugly.

Well, n'cindy ... two 'STRINE beers would be more than enuf to ... um ... cause flames to shoot frum various orifices?

Been there, haven't done that. New Zealand roads are scary enough driving them sober. Incidentally, "Wh" in Maori is pronounced as an "F" but Whangarei still rhymes with "Tanqueray."

Reminds me of the George Thorogood song, "10 Bourbons, 10 Scotches, 10 Beers"

It never failed that when a police officer brought a drunk into the ER when asked how much they had to drink it was always, "2 beers." The HP said this was always the answer they got. We finally decided someone, somewhere was making beers in gallon bottles.

n'cindy -- I can recall (in the mist-shrouded memories of my past) when we'd get beer in quart bottles, becuz it wuz a LOT cheaper that way ... of course we'd pass 'em around the group ... overall, I'd say we each consumed approximately ... um ... two beers ... (IANMTU)

Quart bottles. Beer is a well known cure for garden slugs (hopeless alcoholics). My wife told me a couple of years ago to go get some beer for the slugs. They don't drink much because they're small, so I wanted to get a resealable bottle.
I walked into a liquor store in Richmond KY and looked for the quarts.
So I asked the clerk who appeared to be a college student. He just laughed because he wasn't sure what a quart was. Beer came in liters (I believe) and had never come in a "quart" bottle.

This may or may not enhance your enjoyment of Whangarei but the "Wh" is pronounced "F." Not as funny to hear "F"angarei but for Whakapapa it's hilarious.


I've seen quart bottles for sale here. Speaking of beer...last week I had a real scare. I was going to the store when suddenly I saw something, in my lane, relected in the headlights of an oncoming car. I slammed on the brakes and it was a man on a Jazzy Scooter. (one of those things people at Walmart are always aiming at me) He was going about 5 mph, it was 9pm and was very dark. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved black sweater. In case you didn't know they don't put tail lights or reflectors on those things. I pulled into the store and waited because I KNEW what he was after. He pulled up to the door, got out, walked into the store and bought a case of beer, got back onto his scooter, and headed back into the other direction. I can only guess he has lost his license for previous DUI's and figured that was better than walking. What was so funny was as I went around him he started waving his hand for me to pass. If he only knew how close my 11 year old Mercury and I came to squashing him in the road.

Take me drunk ociwher, I'm home!

Just the facts, ma'am
- the guy was in his 50s
- his blood alcohol level exceeded 6 times the limit

He must've started drinking when as soon as he was weaned.

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