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March 25, 2010


An Illinois woman said a goose with romantic intentions toward a concrete  statue held her hostage in her home for several hours.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Amorous Goose opened for Metallica, I believe.

I wonder if her boss believed her?

The goose was looking for some dockage.

If geese really mate for life, this woman is in big trouble.

Release the hounds!

rut roh

the lie here is a Principals' paddle with several holes and swift sweets across the rear. Immediate tears taught me never to do that with a statue.

She only has one door into her house?

She probably doesn't own a stationary exercise bike.

Who broke the blog?


I swear I don't know him, I was playing poker.


I'm the happiest girl in the whole UUSAUSA

Romeo Romeo..whyfore art thou broketh the blog??

They should have just let the bird get it on with the concrete. I doubt there would be any chance of a return engagement.


Did you hear the one about the goose that went to the drugstore to buy a condom? He told the clerk "just put it on my bill".

Madeline, Madeline, where art thou Madeline, my doublemint eyes?

What a bunch of wimps. What's the worst he could do, goose them?
A goose got me in the netherlands once and my reaction was more astonishment than fear.

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