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March 28, 2010


 Eat Happy Meals.

(Thanks to Brian Tremblay)


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Or you can wear them . . .

I tried an Egg McMuffin once. If I hadn't spit it out after about 5 minutes of chewing, I believe it would have still been with me.
Great jaw exercise.
Just a tad overdone.

Billions and billions preserved.

While Mickey D's is my grease-supplier of choice*, when I choose that option, I gotta say that the werds "yummy" and their offering (of fries) do not appear in the same paragraph of my menu choices ...

*that's another story ... nevermind, for now ...

Obviously, a next Science Fair story idea.

Am I reading this right? If it rots, it's good for me?

obviously, no one at the mcdonald's had spit on her happy meal...she should be happy!

Sounds like she's about one fry short of a Happy Meal.

Not so Happy, huh?

I'll bet those fries sat up there. Any fries I buy at McDonalds, via the drive thru, are lucky to make it home. Maybe they should investigate how many times that Happy Meal was replaced. It would interesting to see what would happen to a Twinkie if it sat on a shelf, unwrapped, for a year. I doubt it would disintegrate either.

There can be only one -- Happy Meal!

I can't buy it. They do have to list the ingredients on the site. And several of their offerings list all kinds of weird stuff including the bun. But the patty and fries really don't seem to contain much but salt and flavorings. I wonder has anyone done a control experiment with a normal burger? Maybe these things just don't decay like we think they do.

And, no, I have no vested interest in McDonald's, don't eat there, don't work there, don't own stock, nothin'.

I never start the day without a glass of wine and a Happy Meal...

And the world rejoices.

McDonalds - The Fountain of Youth. Botox beware.

elon, you're a scientist or chemist aren't you? I don't believe this 'study' either.

(think r.e.m)
shiny happy meals don't decay!
everyone around
loves them, loves them
food that won't turn brown
creepy, creepy
mice and roaches found
it and shun it, shun it
put them in the ground
and then nothing will grow!

zombie burgers shine!
shiny happy meals don't decay!

tried to make grow some mold
failed to, failed to
food that won't grow old
tasty, tasty
eat them when they're cold
greasy, greasy
in a capsule hold to
make future children barf!

zombie burgers shine!
shiny happy meals don't decay!

"No preservatives are added to the beef patties in McDonald's hamburgers."
Of course not. They add them to the cattle.

>Am I reading this right? If it rots, it's good for me?

If it doesn't rot, it doesn't have enough nutrients to support a mold colony.

oneblank - are you referring to the happy meal or Fox news?

*is ordering salad from now on*

I lost my lunch before
Got sick and closed the door
But you said try just one more

I chose a happy meal
Greasy patty uncongealed
You looked so well preserved
Guess I got what I deserved

You made meat so
Very happy
I'm so glad you
Came with toy and fries...

This shouldn't surprise anyone who has cleaned up a teenager's room.

Did she store in a pyramid?

You've gotta tell them!
Happy Meal is people!

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