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March 24, 2010


Vice F*&#ing President Joe Biden states his position on health-care reform.

(Thanks to collins69s)


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he's effin awesome! so he knows how to curse. its not like he told someone to f*** off....
Go Joe!

As a statesman,the VP is a BFD.

What the f*** is all the fuss about?

Don't forget the t-shirt.

It's okay...as part of the healthcare law, Joe Bidens' lips are to be surgically fused.

Funny, Rahm Emmanuel claims he can control his language in the White House, but JoeB can't? Pretty sad when F-Bomb Rahm has a cleaner mouth than you.

I, along with most non-politicians, never curce. D@&#, another f$(%!@* &^%$#@&( typo!

BFD. I F*&ing curse all the time.

*is happy that there is not a video of Vice-President Biden &*%$ing.*

Or riding a skateboard.

So he continues the long line of Vice President who swear once in a while. Big deal.

I thought VPs are supposed to be sworn in. Oh wait...

If McCain had won:

Palin went on to say "@#%!!@# you betcha...!"

I meant to say "This deal is a big f------."

You do realize Siouxie that cursing women are a REAL turn on for men!

HELL yeah, LeDud!

I've also heard that men love it when women talk dirty to them. Is that right??

men are dirty scum, if they like dirty talk. they forgot how fun the ride can be, aand for what? rude?

Oh, Mickey. You're f***ing goofy.

Dear Mr. Grammar Person,
If you are a Vice President of The United States of America,
is it more correct to say "... big F**k'in deal..." as in 'way to go!' or "...F**k you." as in 'wait 'til I shoot you in the face?'

I keep expecting to walk into the bookstore and find a book of Biden's gaffes. Should be pretty funny.

He's like Gene Wilder to Obama's Richard Pryor in their several buddy movies, always showing how cool he is:

"We bad, we bad!" -- Stir Crazy. (That's Biden on the left).

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