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March 24, 2010


...help is on the way with Weiss's new handbook Eco-Sex, which leaves no stone unturned in its mission to bring the bedroom front and center into the battle to save the planet.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Oh, look, I'm a perfect TEN... *S*

HAND CRANKED?????????????????

The price of organically grown cucumbers is already too high. This won't help.

I believe it was Woody Allen who, when asked if sex was "dirty", replied, "It is if you do it right".

"The No. 1 thing people can do to be an eco-sexual is to have fewer kids, or have none at all"

...butt wouldn't raw sex produce more kids?

. . . said Weiss, who is childless . . .

You mean barren, like her soul? At least she's voluntarily taking her deluded self-righteous genes out of the pool.

bamboo underwear? umm, no thanks.

My thoughts exactly, BFF!!

Whatsoever will I do with all the extra batteries????

I thought it might be places to do it outside in the environment...environmentally friendly, you know?

"In the valley of the jolly - ho,ho,ho - green giant."

Tree hugginghumping??

Why was the Green Giant always so jolly? Well, he did have the three hoes...

I'll bet she's just a riot to be around. Of course her books will be printed only on recycled paper with eco friendly ink right? I have a feeling the reason she's childless is because no one in their right mind would be able to listen to her dribble long enough to have anything to do with her.

Is marriage between neophytes permitted in the USA?

dribble, drivel add stupidity. In some states it is Mot.

"Got wood?" Sorry, best I can come up with...

...My workplace requires everyone sending an e-mail to attach a postscript cautioning the sender to think twice before printing it out, to save paper and thus trees. They're also encouraging employees to add their own pro-environmental messages.

Sadly, my suggestion of "Earth First; we'll strip-mine the other planets later" was turned down.

Woman, "Honey, we're going to have green sex tonight."
Man, "Oh good, jello!"

Wes, that's my sig at HuSi, has been for years.

There's also
"Reunite Gondwanaland!
Stop the Laurasian Separatists!"

i can screw greenly now
the shame is gone
all of my s*x toys make
al gore cheer!
gone are the plastic dolls
but i don't mind
it's going to be a quite (quite)
eco-fun, too friendly day!

i can see plainly that
'synthetic's bad
now my new dungeon
decor is 'de sade'
bamboo is good for undies
or a spanking rod
it's going to be a quite(quite)
eco-fun, too friendly day!

*snork* @ Wes S.

LOL good one, insom!

*sharpens bamboo spanking rod*


I was always under the impression that if it's green you shouldn't be having sex with it.

no muss no fuss

A much better read, about sex, from the NY Times:

"Until now I had thought cassolette involved rabbit and white beans."

"The section on la petite mort -- ''the little death'' -- is an alarming prospect and basis enough for an entire Woody Allen movie."

That's full strength, all organic horse manure.

You ladies will have to take your solar powered toys outside. Experience nature first hand.

nothing like, the real human.

If my toys are solar-powered, then what am I supposed to do at night in the dirty, dirty darkness of my bedroom?

Will they start measuring our "Carbon Sheet Prints" now???

" Squeeka, squeeka, squeeka, squeeka... "

( We're saving the planet by generating our own electricity. )

I thought green sex meant recycling your condoms, or using natural birth control: a leaf held firmly between the knees.

Gag, Ralphie. Picture of the recycling guy finding a pile of used shtupping bags in the bin with the coke bottles.

I thought you only had a green weeny until the first time you had sex.. With someone else..

The only way peep can truly topple cucumber is with vinegar. Vinegar, mind you, was, invented.

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