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March 31, 2010


Urine Sprays During Courtship Send Mixed Messages

(Thanks to Jeff Matthews)


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Biology suggest that a urine-mediated combination of aggressive and reproductive behaviour ensures that only the strongest males get to mate.

While in humans it indicates the drunkest.

"Zee cabbage does not run away from zee corn-beef."

- Pepe le Pew


Chanel No. 1?

Cheaper than dinner and a movie.

Is it just me or do those things look like miniature versions of the big thing the scientists found in the ocean on yesterdays blog?

If your urination lasts more than six hours, consult your marine biologist.

I've always thought the New York Port Authority Terminal was the most romantic place on Earth.

I believe in evolution and my degree is in Biology (University of Kentucky class of 1887) but I do wonder how evolutionary biologists can see survival benefits to traits or actions that are diametrically opposed in two closely related species.
Sometimes, I think the best explanation of some animal behaviors is "it's kinky and turns them on."
I mean, that's MY chief motivator.


Not again!!!

1887?? Steve is ANCIENT! lol

Steve types real good for a corpse. Are you sure you don't live in Florida???

Do you take this arachnid for your spouse? Spritz.

I take that as a yes.

My car has Florida tags on it but for family reasons, I am temporarily in the Great White North (Kentucky). Actually, only my knees are that old. Unfortunately, my hair died of old age quite a while ago.
My sense of humor stopped aging somewhere around 12, according to my wife, who is, of course, much younger than I.

it's normal for a female to attract a male, howbeit, it must be urine and not pee. so the moon tells all, anywhooo

it also would be beneficial for hunting.

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