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March 30, 2010


They found Pac-man on the moon.


(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Though I have to say it doesn't look like he's aged well.

I'm pretty sure there's a trade-mark infringement suit in there somewhere.

That's no moon! That's a battle... No, wait, it's a moon.

Taking space exploration to the next level.

Just like the babbel fish in "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" this proves there is no God. For if there was a God, he wouldn't leave such an obvious sign that he existed. Or something like that.

They all laughed at Galileo when he said it was gobbling up the other moons of Saturn.

Sloppy headline writing. Not "the Moon", but a moon -- specifically, Mimas, one of Saturn's.

I'm beginning to worry about our scientists.

I heard Jesus Christ was born in the Theaters.. this must be the Theaters!

*snork* @ Horace

The picture on the left looks like one of my golf balls.

Looks more like the Virgin Mary to me. Or is it agreed, we all start worshiping pac-man now?

Ya think the boffins ever just make this sh*t up just to see how many people they can fool?

Now THAT is intelligent design.

Two games in one. Multitasking moon.

Blame the management.

wierdly but extremely COOL

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