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March 29, 2010


The Jack Bauer Terrier

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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This kind of reminds me of a cartoon where the deer is hunting the hunter. Cute!

The only problem with that terrier is every time it lifts it's leg it misses the target or hits your thigh. I would also hate to see the vet after he tried to neuter it.

Those were created by crossing a Chloe-retriever with a mole.

Told ya so.

Three guesses about how it establishes its perimeters...

'Who Let the Dogs Out??
WHO?!??!! WHO!?!?!? WHO??!!???!!!!?!'

Is there a President Bitch President?




Lairbo, I'm thinking what you're thinking...

At LEAST he doesn't need a bathroom. God only knows how long Jack's been wanting to pee.

In CO a few weeks ago, a mountain lion (terrorist?) followed such a terrier through the dog door into its home (CTU HQ?). When the fight was over, "Jack" just had flesh wounds, but two of his house "mutts" were missing an eye, and one was dead. However, the lion also was dead. Sound familiar or should the lion have escaped to terrorize another day?

That Dan Piraro is one sick puppy.

IF he gets really pissedangry he bites you in the thigh then he pees marks his "victum". Lol.

I knew a Jack Russell terrier who was quite adept at leaping up on the table to walk through, and eat some of, the cheese grits casserole.



Posted by: Siouxie | March 29, 2010 at 10:37 AM

Bit early, isn't it?

wiredog in the words of the great Jimmy Buffet,"It's five o'clock somewhere." btw, I can't wait for 24 tonight. Thanks to you guys Monday is now my favorite day.

FYI, I will be watching the show via DVR tonight. I hope no one misses my snarky insightful timely stupid comments as a result.

Awwwwwwwww Andy! we shall miss you!

dawg - what cindy said.

Andy you will be missed. btw, I sent you a friend request on Facebook a few weeks ago.

So THAT's why Fox is canceling the show..

Jack should have bought a puggy dog and named it "Edgar" in his honor.

It could have sat by Chloe's feet when Jack was out chasing nukes, and she could have continued to make those cute faces that she always made at Edgar, which now, she only makes at whoever happens to be in the scene.

Not the same. They have lost the focus.

OR...they could have hired all the good and talented bloggers here to write better stories.

I guess this means we will NOT be getting a female President...which leaves the position open for Dave Barry to run on the Jack Bauer ticket in 2012.


I tried to buy one, but they canceled my order.

Love this.

Lol great cartoon. The sad truth is that pretty much is actually what most Jack Russell owners' lives look like.

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