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March 20, 2010


OK, maybe not technically "music."

More here.


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“Rock Bottom Remainders? Who the hell are they?” responded Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. responded Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

Clearly, he is drunk. And he has an echo.

Hey - the $300 signed book package is a very neat idea indeed. Two questions -

1) Is there a list of books that are included?
2) Can the autographs be personalized?

Will Sam Donaldson's hairpiece be performing?

The "echo" must have been there to catch those extra-literate readers.

Yeah Boston. I'm going to try and make that show.

That quote from Dave always makes me think of the boys from Metallica sitting down to write a book. Maybe a children's book...with daisies and bunnies. Yes, I've been out in the sun too long.

the RBR schedule only shows April, any chance of you guys being close to Philly May 1, or May 2????

So when is the gang coming back to Los Angeles? I ask Mitch this everytime I work with him. He always answers along the lines of "Not until Los Angeles has forgotten our last appearance."


Just got back from meeting "Tinkerbell" and her family. SuzyQ, judi were there as well. In fact, judi is probably still drinking enjoying the evening. Pictures will be posted on FB. (BTW - Tink did NOT wear her costume, but got us all little wands). She's actually a very normal nice woman. It was great meeting them all.


I'm still hopeful that the RBRs will be playing the Miami Book Fair this year.

That's a good looking group isn't it? Also I've seen the video's on You-Tube of the RBR's and I think they're very good. Siouxie, can't wait to see the pictures.

They are a very entertaining group, nursecindy. I remember going to their last LA area appearance with Roger McGuinn, an amazing musical talent alone. Perhaps I should remind Dave that he got cookies for visiting us left coasters. And beer. If the group comes out again, maybe we'll buy Sophie a pony.

Siouxie, glad to hear you got judi schnockered out on the town.

Annie, I remember meeting you, Mr. Completely and the Mad couple at the L.A. Times Festival. Great times!We have to do it again!

Rock on!

Boston! Yippee! Punkin, will you be there?

And if you're lucky, you may catch a thrown kazoo with GRBRS™ (Genuine Rock Bottom Remainder Spittle).

What is with the weird random comments suddenly? I'm confused. (It doesn't take much!). Are they spam?

Meanie, Imagine what we'd create if we mix your Stephen King GRBRS DNA and my Dave GRBRS DNA!!! BUAHAHAHAHA!!

Zoodle - yes...we apparently have a very persistent pest and judi is working on it. I just ignore it.

Oh yeah...Photos from last night are now up on my FB wall.

Siouxie, the pictures are great. That is one of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen. It looks like everyone had a great time. Was Judi pole dancing in that one picture?

I don't know if I'd want to take that step, Siouxie. But I have been wondering if there might be dinosaur boffins attempting to use DNA to recreate Michael Crichton, who could then become an RBR.

I think we should chip in to get one of those flame-thrower weenie implants for Dave! It would be handy for lighting the BBQ also.....

because some people are insane, i've been reporting a bunch of IP addies as spam, and some not-insane people may find themselves blocked as a result. i'm trying to be cautious about it but if you have been, please email me at the blog address and i'll try to get it fixed. mental health professionals: please stop giving the inmates computer access, k?

judi, define insane.

I, for one, truly appreciate all that you are doing to maintain this a nutjob-free blog. Let them take medication like the rest of us.

Will there be t-shirts?

because some people are insane
Can I still post if I haven't been committed? (Yet.)

Wordstock. Hmmm. Will Dave be telling us to avoid the brown acid, and will nudity be involved?

FOUR cities...? The mind reels.

I also appreciate Judi's hard work on a Sunday! This is such a nice blog and I've got to know so many great people. I hate that someone is trying to ruin it.

IF the RBR come Down Under, we can arrange for them to:

- get beat up by a kangaroo
- streak at a cricket match (and judi could come and 'catch and release')
- swim with sharks as they are in a feeding frenzy
- go fishing with Lady GaGa who'll be wearing high heels and a man's shirt, only

Just because we are in the Antipodes does not mean we lack social graces or stuff to do...

How's come the RBR never play ATL?

We wants 'em, Precious.


oh, thank god i'm not insane :)

I do not like that spam, so scram!
A funny blog is what i dig:
Thank You! Thank You! judi-the-prig!

Does schizophrenic qualify as "insane"?
No, it doesn't!
Of course it does!
Quiet!! I was asking HIM!
Well, next time be clear about that!
No problem.
I was talking to HIM!
You were?......

*gives Meanie some Clozapine*

Glad both of your personalities got in, MTB

And I did too! Heh heh

I have listened to the groups music and I think it sounds good. Do a concert in Michigan again sometime. Please.

"Both", Tash? Am I missing one, again?

Tash, Meanie has many different nutty personalities he uses to amuse us. Wouldn't have him any other way.

Thanks for clearing that up!

I am on medication so this should post because "technically" I'm all better. :)

Well...given Judi's comments above I'd better run this test message to make sure I'm not classified as spam.

Wouldn't want my participation in the "24" liveblog interrupted or anything...

Does no spam mean that John Cleese is no longer welcome?

a live blog doeth good like a medicine.. (not a pun at Script)

Kill it with FIRE!!!

Well, at least my comments are getting through un

We lost Meanie.


  ff        t
    e     c

Received RBR tickets for DC in the mail yesterday. OPENED! I guess they looked inside and changed their minds.

(I'm taking a chance here with the whole insane-blockage thing, butt ...)
"The band ... wraps the leg in Boston at The Royal (formerly The Roxy) ..."

Whose leg's getting wrapped? The Roxy's? Right? And wrapped in what? Bacon?

This year's Rock Bottom Remainders lineup features best selling authors: Dave Barry on lead guitar; Amy Tan on vocals; Mitch Albom on keyboards; Scott Turow on vocals; Greg Iles on lead guitar; Kathi Kamen Goldmark on vocals; James McBride on saxophone; Ridley Pearson on bass; Roy Blount Jr. on vocals; and Sam Barry on Harmonica.

Roger McGuinn, a founding member of the Byrds, will make a special guest appearance with the Rock Bottom Remainders in Washington D.C. Between them, the Remainders have published over 150 books and sold over 150 million books. Their concerts have raised close to $2 million for various charities over the last 18 years.

I'm hoping to drive down to Miami for the Book Fair and catch the RBRs on November 20. Have the time and venue been set yet?

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