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March 19, 2010


Do not click here.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Does he pee sitting down now?

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

He should have known better when he saw the doctor...

The same thing happened here in Texas, but when the wife sued for loss of consortium, the defense countered that despite years of marriage, her medical records showed she was still a virgin. We called it the "pencil-d*ck" affirmative defense.

Okay, I probably shouldn't post this but I can't help myself. It sorta combines the topless gardening idea with this story.

It's from a photoshop contest on FARK which for which the contest theme was: "Something That Will Not End Well"

NOT SAFE FOR WORK... and don't take a drink before viewing either:

Well I can't see the article. Maybe that's a good thing??

Those doctors should have known what happens when you take your eyes off the ball.

Siouxie -- Brit docs removed the wrong testicle. Then they had to remove the correct one, leaving the guy important. Or impotent.

(How do you do the strike-through thingy?)

Years ago when I worked in surgery we had patients initial whichever limb we were supposed to work on, right leg, left leg, etc. I suppose now they'll have to initial the nut.

when they do cataracts they make a gigantic X on the forehead over the eye they are doing.

We also would put a mark on the part that was not to be operated on. If it was knee surgery we would write 'NO' on the leg they shouldn't touch. I believe that would fit on a testicle.

Thanks, bon (ouchie)

Strike-through-thingy -

< s > word you want to s/t < / s > (without the spaces)(I suggest you go to an old thread and practice in case you mess up or judi will hunt you down and smack you with the penis of a walrus be forced to fix it.

Same thing goes for italics ( i insted of s) and bold b instead of s

Socialized medicine--the future is here.

cindy, "NO" would fit a lot more easily than "NOT THIS ONE A$$HOLE, THE OTHER ONE" which is what I'd probably want to write.

strike is preferred to s. I don't think big or small work here.

There is no three.

Layzee, we usually just say that out loud.

I blame it on the English Language. Easy to confuse right with wrong, as opposed to right with left.

Word on the street was that hospital authorities were quite snippy with the media and its enquiries into this tragic error.

When asked about the victim's threat to sue for damages, Hospital Spokesperson Seymour Litigation replied, "He doesn't have the balls to sue us."

Thanks, Siouxie!

Snork at R.E.Schulz.

"overhaul of procedures"? Shoot, I'd find that doctor and clean remove his "procedures".

As the Brits say, just another balls-up.

Let's see if this works is correct.

wrong testicle correct testicle

Does it bother any of you blog guys to strike through a testicle? Just curious.

Good job, bon!

A few years ago, Dana Carvey got some sort of major medical procedure, and the doctors did it on the wrong side. You'd think that someone famous, who's probably also wealthy would have the best medical care, but it didn't happen that time.

This is why I always ask the doctor to tell me exactly what he is going to do before I let him do it. With my first back surgery I had him draw a diagram and was still talking when they rolled me in to surgery. They put me to sleep rather quickly. I also always tell the nurses where to put the I.V.'s. When to bring my medicines, and when my I.V. bag needs to be changed. They hate me as a patient but, in my defense, when I had my appendix out I woke up during the surgery and trust me that hurts like he##. So I usually mention that also. Doctors and nurses are the worst patients. I had a doctor throw a roll of toilet paper at me once after he had a hemorrhoidectomy. It was too rough and he wanted some Cottonelle. I threw it back at him. Butt, (ha!) I did go buy him some on my lunch break.

nursecindy - I read somewhere that the surgical scrub sometimes washes off instructional writing on the body, so now they use tattoos.

I'm sure the tough thing about getting surgery when you're a medical person is that you probably know a lot more about what can go wrong and who is doing the work.

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