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March 19, 2010


Sacred Kingdom suffers twisted bowel

(Thanks to Joe Hicks)


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Yeah, they were both great opening acts for Def Leppard back in the eighties.

Hong Kong races twist your guts, do dah, do dah.

Calls to the Hong Kong Jockey Club on Friday seeking comment went unanswered.

Probably because most guys wear boxers these days.

The horse obviously suffered a 'Yukky' injury with its twisted bowel.

Good thing he wasn't owned by Sun Yun Ick, otherwise there would have been a real mess.

"It was a typical twisted bowel."

Yeah, sez YOU, it wasn't YOU seizing up in the backstretch, iykwim...

I have got to get these Tylenol I'm taking checked out. Either they're spiked or the annoying nut job is back on the blog.

That's pretty common in these parts but a little late-night Taco Bell will usually straighten you out.

Looks like judi, ahem, "escorted" nuttjob off the premises. judi, if nutty happened to accidentally got his bowel twisted in the process, so much the better.

Yikes ! Well, no more acting up and kicking in my stable, I guess !

padraig, unfortunately if you check the first 2 posts....nutjob is back. I've notified Judi who will probably tear them into little pieces when she finds out who they are. I would. Of course Judi is much nicer than I am.

Sin Kang Yuk, Fuk King Qwak, I got a twisted tongue.

I guess I missed a few threads. Haven't heard about the nut yet.

Poor pony got a tummy ache. I guess we know who ate the old man's cookies.

I don't mind the incoherent bloggers so much. They make me feel sane by comparison. But I DO empathize with judi. I had planned on ignoring them until they went away.

And yes, when put thru the wood chipper, 'incoherent bloggers' do make excellent mulch.

I've heard the best way to get rid of tolls is to ignore them, but I'm not sure if incoherent bloggers will realize that they're being ignored :)

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