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March 22, 2010


'I am not in the office': How an automated email reply ended up on a Welsh road sign

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Once again, a tragic failure of the English to learn how to speak....Welsh?

In Hungarian, that reads "My hovercraft is full of eels."

and the flay rod's gone out on the treadle.


The Daily Mail doesn't usually get scooped that bad. I can't believe I didn't send it in back in November.

This has a familiarity that makes me think someone's getting fired.

From oneblankspace's link:
"...a sign for pedestrians in Cardiff reading 'Look Right' in English read 'Look Left' in Welsh. "

Is e-mail ar padraig. Nil me se ar an oifig inniu. Cuir an cuirt orm nios deanai, maise a da hoile.

Actually, the proper Welsh translation is:

Dim mynediad ar gyfer cerbydau nwyddau trwm. Safle preswyl yn unig.

At least that's according to Google Language Tools.

As an added bonus:

My hovercraft yn llawn o llysywod.

padraig is just showing off.

No hablo Welsh-o

Are there many similarities between Welsh and Gaelic?

He's saying "Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas."

cindy: Ni ha!

bon: Irish and Welsh are both modern forms of Gaelic. One of 'em's a little more modern than the other, iykwim.

w-dog: Your flying lizard has chest pains...? sorry, can't make out the rest.

" Mind the gap. "

That's quite a Welsh rare bit of work!

Oneblankspace, I don't know about the Daily Mail, but the Daily Telegraph raised a few eyebrows a couple days ago with this headline -- which they quickly corrected, so don't bother looking it up at their website...

That must've hurt, eh, Steve?





That's almost as good as this.

I once sent an email to a government office with whom my employer does business requesting a map of a certain place, preferably laminated.

They sent back the email. Blown up. And laminated.

This was a government agency that works in defense.

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