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March 23, 2010


Keep looking.

(Thanks to Layzeeboy)


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Is "tasteful" really where we want to go here on this family blog?

Not much danger in that, Meanie.

We're in a drought, and we talk ourselves blue in the face about the half an hour showers - if this soap was gifted to one of our guys, we'd NEVER get them out of the bathroom.

Lucky me. Can't see the link ;P

Cleanliness is next to manliness.

oh brudda. just what guys need.

I noticed the body copy (heh!) said, "...Weener Kleener Soap solves that age old bathing dilemma" while the product refers to that "old age" bathing problem. Well? Which is it, dagnabbit? Git off my lawn!

(I thought the ring toss game had more rings...)

A circumscribed Father's Day gift.

I guess tasteful would depend on the flavors available.

I rather fancy the dick towels.

Any truth to the rumor that the company is also releasing a Dave Barry "Lifesavers candy" sized version?

Congress has no use for it.

The cougar soap has intriguing possibilities. What do the cougars on the blog think?

Check out the links on the left to other inappropriate gifts-- I favor the fake bumper sticker collection.

Can I presume this is a gentle soap that absolutely will not cause a rash?
Have you ever been in a social situation where you have to be on your best behavior and you notice a little tickle "there". Then it gets a little worse and you squirm just a little but that only makes it worse and it feels like someone is taking a straw and just poking you just a little bit? And then it spreads to the left a little and it really starts to itch and you think you're going to die if you don't just get out a garden rake and go to town like you're trying to kill a mole and it just DRIVES YOU CRAZY!
Now, how many people stopped reading to scratch?

I'm just glad they're washing.

Know why women rub their eyes when they wake up in the morning?

Cuz they don't have balls to scratch.

That's funny. :)


But at least we have health care reform...! (You have to turn it way up to actually hear what he said)


Would this go under the category of, "Thank God they actually cleaned themselves?" or "Makeshift cock ring"?

That Website looks like Mother's Day Central to me. This blog is so educational.

Cassie - how about "Soap on a Dope"?

Soap on a Dope reminded me of "Pope" and then I thought...well, nevermind what I thought....just get the handbasket gassed up.

Ha, Punkin. That's great. Poor little boys...

Went through that line of thought, too, Punkin. Hop in. But, we're taking the long way.

Ad blurb phrase with which one might tend to disagree:

"Nothing beats a cleaner weener" ...

Oh ... I dunno ... I can think of three or four things that will beat a weener, whether it's clean or not ... all it hasta be is "stimulated" ...

Ha Ha,
I am getting my Dad pissinabottle.com.
He wasn't nice to me. I had to clean my room,

Ring around the nub.


Its very informative blog.please add some other things about father day.

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