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March 30, 2010


THANK (burpppp) you.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Anytime, Dave.

Hold my beer while I applaud you.

Don't ever say we don't care about you guys.

OT! Ricky Martin is gay! NTTAWWT! Well it is in the news today. I like beer more.

That's as big a shock as a mole inside CTU.

The beer, or Ricky?


She kinda lost me at the place where she said men had only been drinking beer for 200 years. Maybe that's all we can remember.

"And Ancient Finland also credits the creation of beer to the fairer sex, with three women, a bear's saliva and wild honey the apparent first ingredients."

WTFBBQ? A wives ale wives tale.

But I'll bet it led to the first Lapp dance.

Things haven't really changed. I still count on Mom-O-Lot to buy my weekly allotment of beer when she does her grocery shopping. I thank her every week.

So Sam Adams was actually Samantha Adams?

Considering that beer was one of the main foods of the pyramid builders in Egypt 5,000 years ago, this thesis may need to be sent back to the brewmaster.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Monks (who are said to be men, of a sort) have been brewing excellent beer throughout Europe for way more than two centuries. I will happily doff my cap for any ladies who helped to invent beer, but this researcher has clearly been oversampling the subject.

And to think that without beer, men would be thoughtful, sharing, caring people who left the toilet seat down and remembered anniversaries. Sorry, ladies, it's really your fault.

Hammie?? Don't make me *SMACK* you...

Yes, dear.

I'll do it Siouxie. *SMACKS* Hammie.

So why DO the bubbles in a freshly-pulled pint of Guiness move down, not up?

'S'truth! Check it out.

bonmot, as an Irishwoman I could tell you but then I would have to shoot you in the thigh. Do you really want to know now?

I'm part Irish. Bring it on!

Watch out everyone. A redheaded Irish woman is getting ready to beat up a guy who says he's part Irish. Where's padraig when you need him?

I'm (mostly) of Irish ancestry ... I'll tell ...

It's got sumthin' to do with the nitrogen ... or mebbe it wuz hydrogen?

MB(RH?) told me that ... yeah, she's also of Irish ancestry ...

I think beer started as a hop tea sweetened with honey, left in a pot while the tribe went on a hunting and raiding trip for a few weeks. When they came back they found a bubbling, foamy gift from the gods. Later on people found that boiling malted barley produced a more plentiful and reliable source of fermentable sugar than honey.

BTW, at first, only warriors were allowed to drink it. Doesn’t anyone read Beowulf anymore? Mead is just beer made with honey.

yeah, sure. Next you'll be saying wimmin invented doughnuts.

Yabbut in a twist on this story, men invented pretzels.

May be you english speaking sissys drink woman beer. In germany the monks (no, not the TV psycho) brewed it. And that happened because the nuns were so ugly.

up until 200 years ago, beer was considered a food

Ya mean it's NOT????

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