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March 12, 2010


Now: a frying pan.


(Thanks to Allen at Division and Ralph)

UPDATE: Also, Marmite.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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I suspect this might be one of Tash's student's shop projects.

Braise the Lord!

Jesus has a trademark on long hair and beards?
The church must be making a killing on royalties!

Actually a fairly good likeness. I call photoshopped!

Wooly Willy!

Mmmmmmm. Bacon.

It's a message from this guy.

May the Grease of the Lord be with you!

*Jumps inside handbasket*

Going down??

"She asked me,'Honey, does my butt look big?'and I said 'Hell,yeah.' Then she whacks me in the face with a frying pan. Worst of all, she sells the frying pan on E-bay for $2000 bucks. So, no, I did not have a good weekend. You?"

Son-ny side up?

*jumps out of the frying pan - into the fire with siouxie*

*snork* @ trustf8.

Anybody who believes that that is a spontaneous manifestation probably still believes in the Easter Bunny.

Are you sure that is not Bob Marley?

I doubt that the image of a Jewish Rabbi would be generated by frying pork.

Looks like Frank Zappa to me.

So why is it always Jesus that supposedly appears on burnt toast and in bacon drippings? Why is it never Lucifer, Cthulhu, Muhammad or Fred Phelps?

Sigh. Save me a seat in the handbasket, Siouxie...

Lord of the Fries?

Now cook your buttered grilled cheese sandwich on the burnt pan and Voila maybe the picture will transfer.

Wes, I see Cthulhu in spaghetti on a regular basis.

It's the Mona Lisa - with a mullet.
The Marmite one looks like one of the guys from the band Motorhead.

I'm tellin ya, it's Frank Zappa!

It would take an act of faith to eat that stuff (marmite).

Oh my Lard!

Joins Siouxie and Wes in hand basket.

Savior bacon. How appropriate.

The one on the lid looks more like Charlie Manson; check the eyes.

He's lucky he didn't see Jesus in person. What idiot puts bacon on to fry and then falls asleep?

A Britiot!

So now Allen is Here?

There's something about this that isn't kosher.
Shoot, I've been good on my diet and now all I can think of is bacon for dinner.

Don't feel too bad Steve. I did have some bacon for supper. I couldn't figure out why I had a sudden craving since usually I don't eat it. Now I know why.

Mr. Zig Zag

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