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March 19, 2010


Scientists have figured out how to make fruit-fly sperm glow.

(Thanks to Phil Snyder)


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Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like a banana.
- Groucho Marx

Oh great; now we can see Brittney in the dark.

Why do they keep picking on the poor drosphila? When I was at unversity we bombarded them with radiation to make them sterile.

from the story on the right: "huge sperm of ancient crustaceans" which of course wbagnfarb.

"Now the Syracuse University researchers have gone one better, by watching the sperm race in real time, the journal Science reports."

Can't wait 'til this makes it to ESPN.

Back in the day, I had to take fruit flies home over Christmas break in high school while they matured in a vial. During the week, it was time to count them - male and female, curly winged, etc. The school wouldn't give the kids ether to take home so we were told to put the vial in the freezer for a little while, then quickly count the flies before they woke up.

Ha ha ha ha.

My mother was NOT happy about all the fruit flies waking up and escaping in her kitchen.

That lab report I turned in was, shall we say, mostly comprised of guesses.

Also from the Beeb, A Florida driver's license, etc.

NASPERM races.

I just remember they kept the genetics lab in the basement and we always had bunches offruit flies bumbling around.

Oh yeah, and it smelled of ether. WooHoo. Students bumbled around with the flies.

The human applications should be interesting, if only for the adult entertainment industry. Also, it will make CSI much easier.

I used to think that scientists were just geeks. Now I'm beginning to think they're just nuts.

Clearly they did this because they couldn't find glow in the dark condoms small enough for the flies.

If only we had this technology when Clinton was in office...

We would have known, up front, that the stain was indeed - Presidue!

Jackson Pollock, where are you?

Your fly is down. And glowing. There's a cream for that. Hopefully.

Bet those guys are a blast at parties, explaining what they do. (Girls edging away at up to 40 mph).

"Mommy, look at all the pretty Christmas lights on the dog poo!"

"And, finally, this is my teen-age son's room. Please put on these sunglasses before I open the door."

Jazzy Jizz! Cums in two designer colors!

She does have that pregnant glow.

"It's seeing ... sperm inside the female reproductive tract... That really knocked us out."

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

College parties will never be the same!!


light up my wife . . .

The human applications should be interesting, if only for the adult entertainment industry. Also, it will make CSI much easier.

Not to mention Maury Povich's job. "Jamal, you are the green one."

What's new about this? The Russians have had glow-in-the-dark seamen on their submarines for years!

I was more interested in the invisibility cloak.

Do they bet on the real time races? Like a sperm derby?

You gotta get your excitement any way you can when your life cycle is about 3 days.

Scientists are perverts.

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