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March 30, 2010


The International Banana Museum did not find a taker on eBay this weekend, so the owner has reposted his auction ... and doubled his price.

(Thanks to Pirateboy)


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Does John Cleese know about this?

Does anybody else think that yesterday's banana peel smells like rot-gut whiskey?
Does anybody else know what rot-gut smells like? Or is it just me with my questionable youth?

"High Desert". That about sums it up.

It's nine o'clock and he's on ebay
The regular trolls loggin' in
There's an old man sending text to me
Cursin' 'bout how the bidding's so thin

He says, "Son, can you make me an entry?
I'm really quite sure it won't hold
But if you would just meet my reserve, it'll get beat
And then I can get this trash sold."

La, la la, di di da
La la, di di da, da, dum

String 'em along, you're the banana man
String 'em along tonight
Well, we're not sure this fraud is a felony
But what's one more web fly-by-night?

bravo, mtb!

THAT was funny MtB.

You would think that someone with such a collection would be living in Banana Valley, not Apple Valley.

He was hoping for a whole bunch of bids.

Jeff, I love John Cleese and that skit. As for this guy I think he's one banana short of a full bunch.

Heck, I'd be willing not to pay quadruple that.

♪ Nay, me say nay, me say nay, me say nay
Me say nay, me say nay-ay-ay- no!

Will it sell for a whole bunch?

It's really not very apeeling.

There. Someone had to say it.

That just happened to slip outta your mouth, huh bon?

I want to go ape for it.

Since I live near this place, I can say, with 100% honesty, I've never stopped in for a visit. I wanted to, once, but I had to split....

This item has been on eBay for a few years, originally for around a million dollars. There have been a bunch of articles about it, like this and this.

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