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March 30, 2010


A man uses a machine gun.

(Thanks to danceswithvowels and John Gregg)


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I bet the Mega Piranha would love that.



I'd rather see a cooking show starring R. Lee Ermey- Gunny from "Lock n' Load" -than Rachel Ray any day. If you can find a good flamethrower french fry recipe, let's see it.

I wanna see a whole roast pig.

Better eat before it gets Colt.

His rod is darn hot!

John Dillinger used to smoke pigs with his machine gun.

Har@Horace, quick before he descends into Hell!

The right to do this is guaranteed by the Second Helping Amendment.

And here I thought war was all bad.

If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will be able to cook bacon with guns.

How do men think of things like this? And why? I just don't understand the male mind.

My brother-in-law used a flame thrower to light the brickettes in his grill.

He is a very happy man.

S'all right, nc, you don't have to understand us. We don't either. Now hold my beer and watch this ...

Coming up on Mythbusters...

This is just a minor variation on the old (and much cheaper) method of baking a potato, etc. on the exhaust manifold of your car. Machine guns are the wrong choice of weapon for hunting pigs, anyway, except perhaps for Dick Cheney. The NRA used to be more safety conscious.

I'm waiting for someone to figure out how to make a soufflé on an afterburner.

Wow, Dave appears to be running out of subjects.

nc, what's to understand?
Men's minds, such as they are, are preoccupied with sex, food, and things that go BOOM! Not necessarily in that order.

Nah, not running out, just getting heated up. Now we're cooking with gas recoil.

That's alright cindy. What in the world can explain chick flicks?

It's easy to explain. A man fires a machine gun. A man notices that it gets damn hot when it fires. Heat is good for cooking bacon. HEY!! Let's cook bacon with a machine gun!

What's hard to figure out?

crunchin' on munchtime.. no one needs explainin.... (what bacon is spose to be sayin')

Nursecindy, I'll say it slowly --

He's cooking B-A-C-O-N, with a M-A-C-H-I-N-E G-U-N!!

That's very nearly the apex of awesomeness.

Cindy, it's an innate sex difference. Has anyone, anywhere, ever seen a woman light one off? A sober woman, I mean?
On purpose? 'Cause one of my co-workers was standing with her back to the grill at a cook-out one night and she...well, never mind. But it made an impression on the group.

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