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March 31, 2010


Earth Hour almost ended in cat-astrophe this year for Environment Minister Barry Penner.

While Penner and his wife Daris were enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner, their five-year-old cat, Ranger, set himself on fire by brushing against a flame.

(Thanks to nursecindy)

UPDATE: Vaguely related item here.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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You and Mrs. Blog set yourselves on fire?


The cat "looked somewhat disgruntled."

Boy, is that an understatement!

*wonders if the minister will share the story of his wife's smokin' pussy with his congregation*

I'm upset. I forgot all about Earth Hour this year and forgot to celebrate it. It wasn't even on the news!

My older brother used to set cats on fire all the time, but did HE ever get in the newspaper?

Well, now that I think of it, yes, but not by name, fortunately... the sketch was VERY unflattering, too.

Hot Canadian Pussy!

One cat in the oven; one cat in the freezer. Temperature average is just right. What's the problem?

Yopu burned your cat? But what did Lucy think?

Drags "p" down from revious ost.

The candle is ok, but a barbeque grill works much faster and more evenly.

When candles are outlawed, only Environment Minister(s) will have candles.
The secretary for my old office had a huge fondness for candles. When you combine that with the amount of paper hanging around a government office, the result can be awesome.
Fortunately, she caught it before the place went up.

Cats! You warn them that smoking is bad for them - do they listen? No.

As refried beans were part of their Enchilada entree, the happy couple was able to say they celebrated Earth, Wind, and Fire.
/ rimshot

Sounds like the burning cat left carbon footprints all over the house -- and on Earth Hour no less!

Which is why I wear flame retardant undies.

Siouxie has a smokin' hot . . . nevermind.

Cats are wicked.

hey, no video?

also, bonmot's 10:06 post was redundant. that's what al said.

On Halloween, being too lazy busy to get a pumpkin, we set the orange votives on the porch windowsills. My nasty adventerous cat first tried to sniff the flame, trying to get closer to the flame each time. Then he got up on the climber just above, and tried to touch it, jerked back, and tried over and over to see how close to the flame from above he could get his hand paw before jerking back.

"Hold my beer. Watch this! I can get my paw right down into the -- ouch! -- let me try again, I know I can --ouch!!.... Fine, gimme back my beer."

Cats give much more illumination if you light the other end and swing them by the convenient handle.

If a person puts gasoline on their cat before lighting, the feline will sound like a dog ... WHOOF!

My sister's cat managed to set his tail on fire. She noticed that the cat's tail was on fire before the cat noticed!

I have 2 cats, and because of this, I don't light candles in the house.

I'm laughing about something else in the article: use of candles during Earth Hour. Apparently, the minister uses candles that were produced without electricity or fossil fuels (not!). Rough equivalent, more or less, of celebrating Earth Hour with a battery-powered LED light.

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