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March 29, 2010


The Popeye Squirt Gun

(Thanks to Peter


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Oh, no Popeye lost his plug.

why is he bent over like that? ...oh... nevermind...a sailor

So "I Y'am what I Y'am" was apparently a gay-pride phrase back in the day.

I'm Popeye the sailor squirt gun
Squeeze me trigger for lots of fun!
My @ss plug, I do know,
Was broken by Bluto...
(Nttawwt, son!)

I guess Philin doesn't read the captions. Otherwise the rest of the posts so far are top notch.

When I was a kid I loved Popeye! And Bugs, Elmer, the Road Runner and all the other "time wasters" my parents hated. Saturday morning at the Strand Theater with the quarter my mother sneaked to me (10 cents to get in, and 15 cents for Coke and popcorn); about ah hour of cartoons and then, a Western.
It was one of the most fulfilling times of my life.
Then, I would go back home to play with Nero, our dog. He was named by my mother because, "he piddled while we burned."

I love your Mom's sense of humor, Steve. I took 3 kids to the movie a couple of months ago and it cost me almost $70.00 for a matinee! I also learned a very important lesson. Never trust a 9 year old to share her popcorn. Next time I'll take a big purse with the snacks already in it. One candy bar was $5.00. I also loved Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, and Popeye when I was a kid.

The clock is ticking down on this special edition
* JACK BAUER Squirt Gun *

Product features:
- Unlimited shooting capability
- Sure-fire, never-miss aim
- Extra-long trigger

$24.00 limited time...

(made in china)

Steve and nc, "shhhh, we're hunting wabbits."
Back in the day, I'd go all week looking forward to Saturday morning.

*Hopes they show Loony Toons on the geezer bus.*

Fill him up with V8 juice and that silly music starts to play.

Must have served under Rep. Massa. (pun intended)

I wonder if you can use it to shoot Olive Oyl?

Eat enough of that canned spinach and you'll be doubled over too.

So...if he spendt a lot of time at sea, it's safe to say that he's seen a lot of seamen??


Squirting seamen? Move along folks; nothing new here . . .

and the most obvious...Well, blow me down!

There's a similar water gun for Batman, too. It's interesting how much the times have changed. In today's society, no one would ever conceive of making something like this.

Cindy and NotSherly and other fun lovers, don't you agree that childhood was so much fun, we're ready for the second round?
My wife understands that I like to look for spiders and walk on the beach. She allows me to go off searching for rattlesnakes but she doesn't really understand.
What's so hard? I'm playing.
Just like the other night when I convinced my 3-year old grandson that he had magic powers on Skype. When he points his finger at me, I disappear. Then he points again and I reappear.
All from playing around with my thumb over the camera.
Second childhood is wonderful.

>>In today's society, no one would ever conceive of making something like this...<<

Today we have wholesome video games like " Grand Theft Auto ".

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