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March 23, 2010


Weaponized Chili

(Thanks to Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy, shtanga, RussellMc, jon harris, Ron Gibb and James Jones)

Not to mention The Flaming Tatas.


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*burps 'first'* Ahhhhhhhh...feel the burn....

When I was in high school I used to drive by an adult theater, and the one movie title on the marquee that sticks in my mind is "The Bodacious Ta-tas". Not sure if they were flaming, though.

A MILLION scoville units? It's the hottest, no ifs, ands or bhuts.

The second story reminds me of my trip to NYC to see the RBR's. We averted an incident of "flaming tatas" when Punkin's electric bra malfunctioned.

Siouxie, did it look like this?

Mmmmmmm ...... scoville units.....

bon, we never did get a chance to see. You'll have to ask her what it was supposed to look like.

Also, this stuff is so hot it'll form a ring of fire around uranus.

Aren't there ointments for that?

^*hauls down the "M"*

Ignore the above. It was supposed to fix a post that didn't actually post.

Let's try again.

Ointment? You buttcha!

Wait, chili to *fight* the summer heat?

I've heard of fighting fire with fire but...

Those Tata are too small. We've got much bigger ones over here.


In what universe can a chili like that be a CURE for stomach troubles ?



Yay! Thanks Sooz.

Let's try this again.

Big Tatas

From one mot to another, Happy Birthday!

Happy natal day, Hoople.

To paraphrase Dave, there's good reason most of India is located outdoors.
If I ate one of those peppers, the local skunks would stay upwind.

Hey Mot, don't think of yourself as another year older; think of yourself as one step closer to seeing all your friends in Heaven.

Hoople Birth Day!

Bodacious Tatas, Mot.

Hear about the Indian-Chinese demolition derby. Grab a Tata and bust a Cherry.

Happy Birthday, Mot! With or without tatas!

Mebbe the car bursts into flames becuz sumbuddy added the chili to the gas tank? Merely wonderin' ...

Happy birth day to you.

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