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March 26, 2010


Pirate Matzah

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I was a fan of Black Shabbos myself.

Oh the humanity!

Will they face prison for this offense, or would the authorities just leaven a fine?

GOod one, Stevie.

Didn't Pirate Matzvah broadcast from a yacht off Tel Aviv?

Oy vey, me Hearties! Yarrr!

Pirates of the Catskills. Better behave or ye walk the flanken. Shiva me timbers!

Is kosher flour milled by the mills of God, which grind slowly but grind exceedingly small?

Sherl..shouldn't that be "Oy, the humanity"???

Shiva me timbers! We be ready for Talk Like A Jewish Pirate Day, ain't we, me shugginahs! We'll be havin' our Sederrrrr on the fifth of Adarrrrrr!

*snork* @ siouxiechik

Havast ye negila!!

MickeyMouse is about to walk the plank and swim with the gefilte fish.

Guess our spammer is back.

* sets mouse traps all around blog *

*contracts with pied piper*

Yarrrrrr, they be lookin' for gelt to plunderrrrrrr.

Pirate Matzah was Jack Sparrow's rabbi.

Fake matzos was the yeast of their worries.

Arrr, baruch hashem me hearties.
Who neeeds grog when yer gots Manshewitz.

These comments are hysterical!

Mine is www.livejewishmusic.com

wegenbelasting berekenen Yep that's all I have to add

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