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March 31, 2010


Sex-change killer to wed lesbian murderess in jail

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Another eHarmony success story.

I'm guessing they deserve each other...

I saw that yesterday but didn't bother to send it because...ho hum, there are just so many of these, aren't there?

Yeah, but--Headline of the Day, I think!

Definitely Headline of the Day.

Will they use shivs to cut the cake?

Cellblock D for the honeymoon, dontcha think? The morning light there is so romantic.

And yet I'm still single.... sigh....

The taxpayers paid for his/her sex change operation but they have to pay for their own wedding? Have to agree with coconuts here. These two deserve each other.

Sounds like The Republicans are getting out of hand again.

Another Catch of the Day for the blog ladies.

Bonnie & the Criminal Formerly Known as Clyde.

In my evil Wedding Notices game where I categorize couples by their wedding pictures ("Just for the Pictures" etc.) I'm thinking these two would be in the "Thank God They Found Each Other so Nobody Else Has to" category.

*snork* @ Lairbo

My life suddenly seems so.....boring.
Thank goodness.

Eleven thousand pounds! The victim's families would have given the brutal killer a sex change for free.

That occurred to me too, Sherly. At least the initial removals and extractions. Anesthetic not required. BYO chosen implements.

I think I saw that movie at a drive-in back in the '70s.

To quote Homer Simpson, the sage of Springfield, "Who pays for that wedding?"

Could the Jerry Springer folks provide the videographer?

What do you GET these lovebirds as a wedding gift??

Wasn't that the title of the movie that GLAAD was protesting against?

If not I have a script to write.

Siouxie - matching ankle bracelets?

Siouxie -- I'd stay away from cutlery.

Hers and Hers towels?

I'm confused by this relationship, but I suspect I'm not alone in that.

I wonder where they're registered?

A quote from the article has a good gift idea: "Scissors and Lesbian Ware"

But, on the honeymoon, how will they decide who will do what and with which and to whom?

that's sure a ny post headline....

What married what where? Precisely.

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