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March 14, 2010


(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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There may be a clue in the video of Obama's inauguration.

Dave gone rogue, NotSherly!?? Never!

Besides, he only uses acoustic lawnmowers.

Articulated Lorry WBAGNFA British RB.

They won't get far without extension cords.

I read the news today, oh boy
Four hundred mowers stole in Gloucestershire
And though they were a thousand watt
They must have cost a lot
Now they know they shoulda left that big articulated lorry locked...

This is what happens when people who would ordinarily be rolling cheeses are made redundant.

why can't they just say "semi?"

"Semi"? Frankly, it's because the English have never learned to speak English properly.
Also, lawnmowers? My wife claimed for years that most "normal" men got great satisfaction from yard work and mowing the lawn. They would mow their lawns twice a week simply for the pleasure of it. I was not normal because the blue haze in the air as I mowed came not from the mower but from my language.
The greatest satisfaction to be had from mowing is the knowledge that one needn't do it again for another week.

This just in: Glouches Gloches Gloucestersh English authorities have released the text of a ransom note received just a few hours ago: "De chEeZes roll Or U nVer will mow uR lawNz agn."

PS: While living in the Southeast (western Alabama) in 2005, I learned that everybody mows their lawn before a major hurricane. That way, the grass doesn't get out of control while you're waiting for all the debris to be cleared.

I'm serious. People in the Southeast are awesome (and neat).

It is almost lawn mowing season again here in North Carolina. I have an acre to mow which really doesn't bother me because I have a lawn tractor. I'm just happy it's loud because I often sing while mowing. I'm partial to the theme from "Green Acres" for some odd reason.

LOL Stevie!

Silly, CJ. They'll run outta gas too!

*hair flip*

They won't get far without... emptying the the.. clipping... basket... or whatever it's called.

I blame the Lawn Rangers. Be on the lookout for the heist of an articulated lorry(semi) full of brooms to be the next target, a semi full of obnoxious clothes, and a truck full of beer to also be likely victims.(A beer truck heist might be the starting point for the rest of these heinous crimes)

Here at crossgirl Ranch, we have 3 acres to harvest. Mowing isn't done once a week, it's attacked every couple of days, to get another portion done.

That's why I'm very pleased to have completed the installation of a car stereo on the mower, a week or so back. No speakers, as it's too noisy; I have wired-in thick padded headphones. I have a jaunty little antenna, poking up behind the seat. The cord on the headphones is long enough to allow me to stand up on the seat and dance, on long straightaways.

CJ, I just sing solo and often make up my own words since I usually can't remember the correct ones. For years on the song "Bad Moon Rising" I was just sure they were singing," Don't go out tonight. It's bound to be a fright. But there's the bathroom on the right". My current sweetie was once a DJ and told me those were not the correct words but I still cannot remember what the right ones are. I think he's still a little upset that I thought the Beatles sang," Momma's Got A Squeezebox and Daddy Can't Sleep At Night". I got a lecture and quickly learned that was performed by....The Who. I've also learned from him that when a classic rock dj puts on the long versions of Peter Framptons, "Do You Feel Like I Do?" or Don McLeans,"American Pie" it is because he has to go to the bathroom. You learn something new everyday.

NC, don't forget that classic song by Jimi Hendrix, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy"

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