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March 14, 2010


The ants are different here.



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Dave should write a book called, "The Friendly Little Ant". It would be a work of fiction.

So that's somebody's great ant?

I wouldn't try stepping on that one. It may fight back.

Careful with the roaches that will be coming AFTER that ant.

I'd stay away from Them! if I were you.

Unfortunately James Whitmore isn't with us any more, but maybe James Arness could pass along some handy giant-ant handling tips.

The trailer to "Them" was a little overwrought, but it was still a good movie. Never go into the storm drains without a few good Wilhelm screams packed away for emergencies.

Yes, Siouxie, and the palmetto bugs are even bigger. Just a few of the things I love about Florida.

Didn't even notice his pet ant. I was too busy staring at Dave's manly left bicep (in big picture).

Maybe they're Carpenter ants.

snork @ Annie.

If it has more than four legs, kill it.

It's about dam time that Joan Collins got the
recognition she deserves!

Happy Pi Day, everyone.

Eeeeek! Annie, he's got a little man growing outta that bicep!

I had one like that, too, but then I got a divorce.

hah! A gal's gotta get rid of the dead weight.

Can we take him home? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease???

We're gonna need a bigger can of Raid.

Must be after that big ice cream cookie in the background.

Hold my beer and I'll go get the blowtorch.

Dave...your homonculus is escaping...

I hope Dave got a picture of Sophie riding that thing. Because I'm sure she wants a pony.

Isaac Asimov's "Dreamworld" was published in 1955. It's much scarier than the B movies, and so is Aunt Clara.

Just send the Giant Toads after it. Problem solved!

Where did Dave find the baby ant?

dedant dedant, dedant dedant deeeeedant dedant de deeeedee. that's the pink panther theme in ant music.

way OT

I hope Tiger has as good a sense of humor as Kanye did...

I wonder if any of his lady friends will be featured as well?


Looks like this ant eats pretty hardy.

And what's with the shifty guy next to the celery stalk?

And who eats celery with their ice cream cookie?

And who are all those people in the reflection of Dave's glasses?

Come on Dave...confess..HOW many times have you been to Disneyland in those sunglasses?

You think they're big in Florida, you should see the mothers in Texas!!

dave, for one, welcomes our new ant overlords...

At least those will never get in your pants. The ants, I mean ... you know... er,..... right?

Do blue shirts attract giant ants?

In case of attack, break glass and put this on.

Won't happen Meanie. It doesn't say 'Tommy Bahama' on the front. Our ants here in North Carolina are small but bite like the dickens. I stepped in a red ant hill a couple of years ago and was pulling my pants off as I ran into the house to the shower. I think it was more of me than my neighbors wanted to see.

When I was a kid, I was almost phobic about ants. They kept coming into the house every spring. I'd go into the pantry, pick up something, and there were 3 ants clinging to it. Ick!

Large ice cream cookie. Giant stalk of celery. Giant ant and Dave. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe these things are normal sized and Dave has shrunk? Sometimes you have to look at these things logically.

Happy Steak & Blowjob Day!

Nice metro tealblue shirt, Dave.

*SNORK!* "logically" .... good one, nc. We might try it one of these days.....

nice picture...thanks

A pretty good article, could provide a new information to me. And, that is big ant, and i will say the ants is fake, he..he

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