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March 29, 2010


We know we have posted about this before. But if you send something to someone, and you choose to cover every concievable entryway into the package with layers of impenetrable packing tape, you aren't going to, for instance, get your freaking book signed.

Signed -

OUCH! Dammit!


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Is there nothing duct tape can't do?

I'm sure it was done for your protection. It may be a rod package type book thingie. What with Jack Bauer's abdominal challenges so far.

*Sends Judi a mojito.*

rod package?

Dave wrote a book????

Perhaps it was merely a Productivity Enhancer.

Productivity Enhancer?

Judi I would just hand the package to the blog and tell him I think someone sent you a book to sign. I received my back ordered book today from Amazon. It is 'Dave Barry Slept Here'. I had this book previously but I lent it someone who, of course, never returned it.

If it's not taped up well, the squirrels might get out.

"Slept Here" is one of my favorites....or is it "A Guide to Guys"....or maybe "A History of the Millenium So Far"....or perhaps "The Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need"....or "Big Trouble"....or....or....

Definitely the Bad Song book.

For Judi. Think calm thoughts. And God, please don't let me break the blog.

My all time favorite Dave Barry book is, Dave Barry's Guide To Guys. Especially the part where the woman starts talking about their relationship and then agonizes over what the guy was thinking. What he was thinking was about the last time he had his oil changed. I laughed so hard at that I cried.

Yay! Dave signed my packing tape!

This has been blogged before??

rut roh - someone's gonna get fired...

Of course, not you, judi. I'll let you borrow my machete. It's perfect for cutting through rope scarves duct tape packing tape.

Jack's not even breathing hard.

That was my favorite part too nursecindy. That and his description of how guys decorate their apartment (boxes..ping pong tables..). That one hit home.

there are rules to this blog?

The first rule of The Blog is don't talk about the blog "don't leave unclosed tags laying about." Or maybe it's "don't link to pictures of Cthulhu."

One of those.

Must be from my old friend Randy. He used to wrap presents at his father's store. He thought each of them was the White House and he was protecting them from the terrorists.

I sincerely hope it wasn't the one I sent in. :/

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