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March 23, 2010


A teacher has been fired from a southwest Houston private school for encouraging her students to punch a 5-year-old classmate during a field trip to a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Sugar Land, the school’s director said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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personally, i'd pay to see someone punch out chuck e. cheeze.

the first rule about field trips is: nobody talks about field trips...

The lawyer for this teacher is sure to plead "innocent by reason of Chuck E. Cheese exposure" in this case. No jury would convict.

On the other hand, if it was the teacher's idea to go there in the first place, then she is guilty of many counts of premeditated assault on minors.

But did the teacher have flaming tatas?

I smell a rat.

Sister Michael is that you?

There's something about that rat's face that just makes you want to punch people.

She got fired for fulfilling every teacher's dream?
I was inspecting a school once when the Principal pointed out a smallish kid about 10 years old. "See that kid? He's the biggest bully in the school. He mouths off to the teachers and pushes all the other kids around."
I said, "He doesn't look big enough."
The Principal replied, "He isn't and one day some boy is going to beat him into the ground. And," he went on, "I don't care if it happens in my office because I don't intend to see a thing."
The problem with bullies is that there is someone who can and will stomp the snot out of them that they just haven't run into, yet.

Yeah, what an idiot teacher.. She should have told the kids to punch him in the stomach where it wouldn't leave any marks.

No Child Left Hook.

No punch backs.

Devarius? DEVARIUS????

Sum folks would suggest (but I wouldn't ... nope, not me) that ennybuddy who names their kid DEVARIUS deserves to be punched ...

If the kid was such a terror, they should have just kicked him out of school. For the teacher to instruct the other kids to punch this one kid is way out of line.

Might be better to have him and one of the adults sit in the van. The adult will enjoy the rest of not being in Chuck E Cheese, and the kid will be miserable for missing all the fun.

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