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March 19, 2010


Florida authorities said an 80-year-old man was arrested for attacking his neighbors' door with a garden hoe because he thought they stole his cookies.
(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I tell people again and again, Thin Mints are the crack cocaine of the cookie world.

Was it a topless Garden Ho?


I suppose that's better than hitting a ho with a door . . .

I may have done this for the Little Debbie Fudge Rounds but not so much for the oatmeal ones.

Let me see if I get this. Some old guy hits his neighbour's door with a small ho called Debbie he found in his garden, because he wanted oatmeal cookies?

poor ole dude. a wittle confusled.

Don't bring a door to a ho fight.

Misleading headline of the day!

Banging on doors with a hoe for Oatmeal Cookies is simply....

....the right thing to do.

From the picture I'd say that guy lost his cookies no later than 1987.

"Here's Gene-y!"

Siouxie even worse, abuela?

I think they stole his marbles.

And his razor.

And his dignity.

Hey, this wasn't the guy from that British hospital, was it?

What kind of country is this if you can't attack your neighbors for stealing your cookies?

I remember years ago reading about a poor old guy shooting a gopher in the field next to his. Turned out to be his neighbor.

BFF?? I think they also stole his dentures.

at least it wasn't a garden gnome.

What would he do for a Klondike Bar ?

Those filled LD oatmeal cookies are the Twinkies of the cookie world. Shelf life of about 40 years.

:: snorks at Clankizoid ::

Dude's only 80? Damn, my grandmother is 92 and looks waaay better than that. Being an old crank must take its toll...


Ironically he later found his cookies behind his left ear.


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