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March 19, 2010


An action sport.

(Thanks to Bill Moore, who sent this in for judi)


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What happened when he got to the crease?

Don't look now, butt I think his wicket is sticky.

He got clean bowled, middle stump.

Finally. A good looking streaker.

Leg before wicket

*Revises, somewhat, previous opinion of cricket.*

I guess it doesn't really matter to the ladies, but it's a shame they couldn't publish this article in English.

You beat me Meanie. Bingle Brigade? Cricket Crossdressers. You better have some distraction for a game that can last a couple of days.

Cricket, a game played by flanneled fools.

There was an article? I would like to take a moment to personally thank Bill Moore for sending this in and to Dave for sharing it. btw, if you click on his picture it will show different views of his streaking.

There's an article??

Siouxie, of course there's an article. All the guys read it.

w-dog, the guys could even tell you who won the cricket game.

Then again, perhaps not.

*click* *click*

Of course the best sporting PA announcement of all time came when cricket batter (called a "batsman") Wendell Willie faced pitcher ("bowler") Robert Holding, which was duly announced as, "The bowler is Holding, the batsman's Willie."

Sorry to keep posting, but I just had another deathless insight: Golf and cricket are the only two sports where the jokes about the sport are better than the sport itself.

Unless somebody knows some killer curling jokes...

NotSherley wouldn't you agree the best picture was the last one??? I've clicked on it several times.

To recap:

Clarke hoped to arrive at Bingle's crease, but was met instead by Nanna's fearsome Beige Brigade, who broke their duck on Tosser Ricky Poontang's overs, only to be all in for Stocky's Stoush.


NotSherly please forgive the extra 'e'. It's difficult to type and click on a picture at the same time. Why are all the blog guys talking about the game? I'm assuming there was a game. I still haven't seen this article they're talking about.

Padraig, that was Peter Willey of England and Michael Holding of the West Indies.

"NotSherley wouldn't you agree the best picture was the last one??? I've clicked on it several times."

More careful research is needed, nc. Let's not make any snap decisions.

He tried to take refuge in a church, but the police caught him by the organ.

The fall of Michael Hussey in the afternoon session of the first cricket test today brought Clarke to the wicket and a frisson through the crowd.

Does anyone have an Australian/English translator?

How come there are never any female streakers?

You gotta love a sport that has more action off the field than on.

X-Rated chants not cricket?

Dangit bon you busted me. I was too lazy to look up the real names. Just THINK of all the buttons I would have had to push!

Wrong "mot" there, Paddy.

Okay NotSherly. I've carefully been researching the picture and the last one is definitely the best. Although the second one was pretty good too. May need to research further....... How many blog guys looked at all the pictures?

There were pictures?

The embattled Australian vice-captain's arrival - on the back of a mid-tour trip to Sydney to break off his engagement to celebrity model Lara Bingle - was met with loud cheers and jeers by the crowd of around 4000 people.

From the Sydney Daily Telegraph:

THE 35 reasons why V8 Supercars are better than the NRL, AFL and cricket

1) IT IS possible to follow an entire season of V8 Supercar racing without once hearing the name Lara Bingle. Indeed, the only bingles are on the track.

Dave Barry wrote about curling once. Said it looked like deranged housekeepers on speed.

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