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March 29, 2010


It's getting so a man can't even befoul a car.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It's too early in the morning to give a ...

He thought it was his girlfriend's car?

Oh, that's OK then.


I guess he and Desiree had a little fight. I think I can see why she let this winner slip through her fingers.

I am shocked, shocked! to read that, "Las Cruces school district records show Purifoy dropped out from Las Cruces High School in December 2008."

Misidentified vehicles is the #2 reason behind truant crimes in that region.

It happens. When my wife and I were dating, I took her to a restaurant. When we left, she went right to the Beetle, opened the door and sat down.
I went over and asked her if she would rather get into my Beetle instead of that stranger's.
She has no discernible sense of direction, but at least she didn't s%!# in the seat. That would have been a deal breaker.

I'm with Hammie. Don't give a crap.

While passenging with my learner's permitted teenagers, I have once or twice encountered situations in which I feared I might befoul my own car.

It doesn't get any better when they get their licenses, NotSherly. Because then they know how to drive and assume you don't. If I wait one millesecond to take off at a light that has turned green my daughter will tell me, " It doesn't get any greener."

Located not long after by a nearby ditch, Purifoy allegedly told officers he was outside because he didn't want his "girlfriend" Desiree to see him smoking.

Their ditches, if not their local inhabitants, are pretty smart there in Las Cruces.

I think dsn is on to the problem. If he had stayed in highschool he would have learned in Health class that deficating has consequences. He may have learned to make "Good" choices. Alas.

Ladies, I think he's single!

Is this story a play written by that great American playwright, Tissuepaper Williams? A Sh!tcar not Desiree's?

Maybe he really misses the 70s.

If you ever get annoyed
Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothing all day.

And I'll be...
Taking care of business, every day
Taking care of business, every way.
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine.
Taking care of business, and working overtime

I think there was a Dragnet episode about this type of crime, a 417: " log in the back seat. " When they arrived on the scene, Gannon made the rookie mistake of opening the back door of the car and immediately got green around the gills. Friday spent the next 20 minutes interviewing the car owner while Gannon emptied his stomach behind a nearby tree. Then they ran a few commercials and everyone went for coffee. There were two side stories about a lost pomeranian and a bus driver who couldn't stop whistling " Camptown Races " on a Watts route. That last one ended tragically.

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