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March 31, 2010


Caffe Boa and Boa Bistro have touched a nerve with their plans to serve a rabbit-based menu on Easter Sunday.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Waiter! There's a hare in my soup!

Curried Rabbit - yum.

Poor Easter Bunny...

First of all, rabbits have very little meat. Second, they taste a lot like chicken (cliche, but true). Third, How do you "unlearn" a person?

I hunted rabbits as a kid, but can't get my head around the description "Free range, raised under humane conditions." Isn't it hard to (humanely?) kill a rabbit that isn't somehow confined?

I prefer Hasenpfeffer!

Edgar? Bugs?

I dunno, Schadeboy; the rabbits I buy have plenty of meat. There are different breeds. I think rabbit has its own distinctive taste unlike chicken. Very lean meat, too, if you're cutting back on fat. In fact, it's lean enough that you have to consider cooking methods so it won't be too dry.

no more odd than The Bonefish Grill proudly announcing via a large banner out front that they will be open at noon on Easter Sunday. for what?

The Easter Perch?

Shhhh! I'm hunting wabbits.

I have a lifelong aversion to rabbit meat thanks to my father hunting them when I was a child. Guess who had to hold the rabbit's legs while he skinned and disembowelled it?

One anonymous caller, Curry said, wished him a slow and painful death and told him he would end up in hell

Easter brings out all the love in our hearts. Maybe he should try a variation on the Thanksgiving favorite. Stuff marshmallow peeps in a rabbit and stuff that in a duck then deep fry the whole thing.

I've eaten rabbit and it's okay but not my favorite. Do these same nuts call McDonalds and yell at them for killing cows, and Chicken McNuggets?

Humane, my foot!

Eeeh, what's up Doc?

Tempe? That's near here! I could go make reservations, but I'm not sure the kids would want Easter Bunny stew. (Stew, curry, change the spices and you're there.)

Ok, no rabbit. Lamb then.

Decades ago, on a Sabena Airlines flight to Brussels, the meal was a casserole that smelled delicious, so I dug in. The man in the seat next to me asked the stewardess (that long ago she was not a "flight attendant")what was in it, and the answer was "rabbit." He looked at her in horror and said "bunny rabbit?"

I had his meal too. I wish I had the recipe.

Rabbit DOES taste like chicken but mostly the dark meat, which I like. Vegetarianism is fine so long as no one tries to impose it on me.
I never have figured out where the Easter Bunny comes from. Of course, I only found out last year that Easter was considered the holiest Christian holiday, so religious symbolism is not my strongest area.
Actually, I saw a South Park documentary on the Easter Bunny, but I still have my doubts.

Uh, Elmer, I thought you advertised GEICo?

Rabbits scream when they're killed.

I tend to avoid meat because I think too much about what's in it. But I don't try to convert people. Still, it seems icky to eat a bunny rabbit.

Kristina, I've never killed a rabbit so I wouldn't know. In my defense I ate the rabbit stew at a family reunion in Georgia. One of those times, again, where I forgot to ask what was in the casserole. I don't think I would do it on purpose but if it was between that and starving, I would. I was a vegetarian for several years and still tend to eat a vegetarian diet but I'm not a fanatic in that I do eat meat occasionally. I have a friend that is a vegan and she looks like death. I think you can go to extremes.

C'mon, this is a helluva lot less off-the-wall than some of the stuff I've seen on Iron Chef!

The planned Easter dinners will consist of:

• Carrot soup with crispy rabbit confit.

• Rabbit-liver mousse crostini, fines herbes salad, quince mostarda, horseradish crème fraiche.

• Rabbit terrine with black truffle, celery root and parsnip slaw, black-pepper buttermilk vinaigrette, brioche.

• Ravioli of rabbit, local beet pasta, arugula-walnut pesto, local radish slaw.

• Prosciutto-wrapped rabbit leg, white-truffle omelet, braised black-eyed peas.

• Carrot cake.

Darn right a nerve was touched! It's Café, and it serves Coffee. Caffee is just wrong.

ISIANMTU... the first Easter I was with Mrs. vonKlyff and the soon to be Baron von-two-year-old, I made Braised Rabbit for Easter.

I have been threatened, under pain of 'nightly headaches,' never to serve rabbit (at Easter) again.

Therefore, this year I am serving something a bit more traditional... leg of lamb. (Disturbed Great Minds think alike, eh Clankie?)

Ah, quit yer bitchin, Caffee customers.....go join PETA.

When my kids were born my ex and I made a deal that Christmas was overtaken by commercialism so Easter would not be. They still got baskets but they knew there was no Easter Bunny and the true meaning of Easter. And like good Christians we have ham for Easter. It's is the Bible. Look it up.

*major snork* @ trustf8!

I cooked a bunny once. It was delicious. But very lean, so it's best in a braise.

Rabbit probably goes good with carrots. Like beef and butter, they grew up together.

And I'm not surprised that two restaurants with "boa" in their names would find rabbits delectable.

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