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March 17, 2010


You need to get in touch with this guy.

Key Quote:
We would play covers of the bands I mentioned but when it's time for the guitar solo, i will drop my pants. I have an urethral implant that I can set up to emit a small flame of natural gas and will light it on fire.

WARNING: Some naughty wordage.

(Thanks to Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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oh my. that should be posted on the You Suck at Craig's list site. wow. that is the weirdest thing ive ever seen. but the spelling is ok.

All righty, then... I thought I had seen just about everything when it comes to adornment of one's "area", but a propane fitting?

*idly wonders if it has a self-igniter or if you need matches*

"...my influences are myself,..."

Well yeah, sort of if your totally self absorbed.

Maybe he has multiple personalities and one is influenced by the others?

Great Balls o' Fire!

I was mildly interested up to the flaming body part thingie. This would be a great April Fools Day joke to play on the other RBR's though Dave. Just tell them he's sitting in on guitar, or standing, then sit back and watch their faces.

Didn't we all get enough of lighting farts in college?

Dave? Dave, back me up here.

Yeah, yeah. It burns when you pee. Take some peniscillin.

But what did he mean by "meaty"?

I see absolutely no chance of a self-neutering inferno in his plan. He should be encouraged.

You gotta love a guy who calls himself Tony "The Pinwheel" Ocasio.

As influences, he should've included Jim Morrison ("light my fire, light my fire").

A rocker put flames in his act;
audacious but lacking in tact.
With penis a-glow
he puts on quite a show,
as long as he doesn't get racked.

Sorry, Dave, the Super Bowl Halftime Committee is still recovering from Janet's nipple. A flaming penis is not in the cards. Unless it belongs to Tiger.

*snork* at O'Layzeeboy!

Caspy,Imeacht gan teacht ort.

What I said to caspy was, "May you leave without returning."

Pity his doctor when he complains of burning down there.

When he hooks up he really hooks up and it takes a left-hand-thread fitting.

I pity any woman he winds up with. Ouch!

"standing members". Ha.

Didn't he open for Canned Heat in '68?


A-hunka-hunka burnin'love. Do you smell burning rubber?

I was bored with the cover band life mundane
And I howled at my sex life down the drain,
But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas!
But it's all right. I'm Tony "Pinwheel",
It's a gas! Gas! Gas!

I was told I should change what's in my pants,
So my tool's got a urethral implant,
And it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas!
But it's all right, I'm Tony "Pinwheel",
It's a gas! Gas! Gas!

Good one meanie! Bravo.

Bravo Meanie! *Lifting my peni.... I mean, lighter*

Anybody suggested that "Urethral Implant" wbagnfarb yet? No? Good for us. About time we started showing some discretion around here.

What you want?
Baby I got it
What you need?
Baby I got it
All your askin' for, me to be
Just a little bit
Just a little bit
E-, E-, E-, E-
E-, E-, E- ERECT!!!

---Urethral Danglin'

Don't cross the streams.

Guys, I don't know about you, but in my experience you can only twirl a flaccid dick so he ain't ever going to get a standing ovation.

Best sentence in the original: "I can swing it in time to most of the songs."

nursecindy speaks Klingon?


bon, if you think Siouxie's machete hurts, wait 'til you feel the sting of my shilleileigh. But first I have to clean the stains off it from last night's Irish lesson...

Sorry, Padraig. Too much "Big Bang Theory".

I speak some Gaelic thanks to my mom Bonmot. Anyone have any idea what language or universe the nut here on the blog is speaking or is in?


Testing again

Yeah, the blog's hasn't been letting me post this afternoon . . .

^subtract the first 's

The blog's still not letting me post on anything newer than this entry.

In any event, toss this one up there on the snake in the bra story:

Good thing it wasn't a bushmaster.

Original poster here. Got some responses for the ad and will be holding tryouts soon! Tony

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