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March 18, 2010


Snake in a bra.

(Thanks to catmanmax and Anil Haji)


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I saw that.

How big was she? Or...how big did she appear to be?

"Is that a snake in your bra or ...SNAKE!"

Drugs are for people who can't handle snakes.

"Dorota" is Polish for "Eve".

Pythons -- the latest in 18 hour support.

Nipped out!

Heh, heh, heh

It's a full-grown Ball Python, which is no threat to anything bigger than a small rat. They love to soak up your body warmth. If it was in a bra, it would be curled up in a ball, so one cup would be noticeably larger -- unless there were two of them, in which case the Polish police are in for another surprise.

Lucky snake. Found a warm place to wrap around.

If I had been that woman the story would have read a little differently. In fact it would have said that a dead woman was found with a snake coming out of her bra because that is the only way one of those would get that close to me.

Can I get some of what Ms. Bumsteaqd is smoking?

I love the sideline ad for "Bravissimo... get your D-KK cup lingerie here"

I think its a garter snake with a bad sense of direction.

Snake: A serpent of the oviparous kind, distinguished from the viper. The snake's bite is harmless. Snake in poetry is a general name for a viper.

Oh, wait, I thought you said Samuel Johnson.

I do believe it is one of our fundemental rights to keep and bare snakes in our bra. Having said that, I will now exercise my right to shudder.

Maybe it was a black mambra.

Adder gal!

Bra Constrictor ?

Victoria's Secret Snake Pit. WonderBoa.

Dorota's Secret.

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