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March 06, 2010


This might help you catch the monkey.

(Thanks to jon harris, Ralph K., catmanmax, and Russell Mc)


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There seems to be more than a hint of irrational exuberance at work in that article.

I think Judi is mainly interesting in the "banana-in-the-fabric" content, if you know what I mean.

Is that a banana in your pocket...??

oh wait..

100% Genuine Banana-Hammock! Get yours now!

I like it when Judi posts.

I would have to exam this further before making an informed decision. Such as the texture, durability, stretchabiltiy, etc. of the..... fabric.

Does it peal off as easily as a banana? Some lady friends want to know

Oops, peel, I blame the beer.

Salacious photos and video here (click on image of banana brief in top left corner)

You have to be very careful when wearing those...

Is "catch the monkey" anything like "spank the monkey". I guess you have to catch the monkey before you can spank the monkey.

If you have to catch the monkey in order to spank the monkey, you need to see your doctor.

We all knew that with judi in charge this sort of thing was only a matter of time. We're just lucky Aussies don't wear kilts.

padraig: Do too.

Judi, you have trained them well. Now the men are posting pictures of men in kilts on the blog.

I don't think those are the kind of bananas the Florida monkeys want. And I certainly don't want to think of the monkeys grabbing the bananas.

I want to have a trip.

You have a good taste, I like these.

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