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March 29, 2010


Take precautions.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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So that's why it burns when I pee post links.

Why do I keep trusting the dog?

*SMACKS* wiredog. I think he likes it NotSherly.

I knew it was dangerous!

This is exactly why you need a good virus protection program on your computer!

Will a rash develop on my lap-top, or will I just have some tenderness on my server?

Another new blank for the profile page.

*goes to look for a classy hazmat outfit to wear when facebooking*

I use a Mac so I don't have to worry about this. I admit I've had better fitting "protection".

I use a protective cover when facebooking. I also have my Mafia Family to protect me.

*SMACKS* dawg! (I didn't click, but still!!)

You should always have a condom over your mouse.

I use the internet constantly and have never experienced any medical problems.

Phone sex is much safer than internet sex.

Will closing down facebook stop a pandemic ? Decrease our healthcare costs ? Will closing this sight be next ? (I've seen lots of unprotected SMACKing)

I'm not too worried about the smacking, LeDud. I am concerned, however, that I frequently accept online 'pokes' from various members of the Facebook Community some of which are bloggers on this very blog!

There sure is a lot of smack on this blog.

And you love it wiredog! btw, I looked up that word you told me not to look up and you were right.

Pompoir? It's my new word of the month!

You'll be fine if you use a latex modem.

Monitor condom makes it hard to read the screen.

On the web, fu-fme.com is now a typical porn site; it used to be a spoof sales pitch. For pics (NSFW) of safe cybersex, go here.

I thought one caught that from toilet seats...

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