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March 19, 2010



(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Dictators? Does this have anything to do with naked gardening?

i fart in her general direction!
i suppose, people are free to do as they wish.... but do they have an equivalent of child protective there? UGH!


Aw, sweet.

Siouxie, could I borrow your machete for a sec?

Sure, Jeff. Make sure to wipe the blood off.

How sad.

Every mom wants her little darling to be a Baby Doc.

Toilet training in this house must have been interesting.

Obviously this woman is crazy. She's 50 years old and has a newborn baby???? Maybe the Department of Social Services or the equivalent to her part of the world, should pay her a visit before she screws this baby up too badly.

Better check the diaper. I smell a Hitler Youth Movement.

"Don't be Stupid, be a schmarty,
come and join the nazi baby party" THE PRODUCERS sort of

*snork* at annie...

stewie griffin wants one of each outfit...(too small for eric cartman).

And before ya know it, the li'l fella will be goose-steppin' around Mom's studio.

now, that might work with stewie...

LOL Annie.

I can see Stewie wearing this...

Stewie is my daughter's smaller dog, named after the cartoon character. He leaves little Kamphs all over the yard. If you ask them whose this is, he answers, "Mein."

for Hitler,
and pregnancy . . .

I can't wait for her Fall 'serial killer' collection.

Anytime someone comes up with an idea that's supposed to somehow convey a message, it's labeled "art."

She's showing how we're all born as a blank slate and who knows what we might become. Yeah, okay. Let's call that art.

She "hates" Germany. So the only rational reponse is to dress your child up as Hitler.

And so I'm not labeled as too serious - *SNORK* @ Annie.

Sometimes the hardest part of being an artist is keeping a straight face until the check clears.

Know where Nazis keep their armies?

In their sleevies!

There's another Suzie Q on this blog? The hell?

I thought it was you Suzy! You are the original however.

We all know you're the ONE, Suz.

I've been around awhile. Just never got "published" until now.

Well... babies can be little tyrants.

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