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March 26, 2010


A Niles  woman says she suffered a concussion while watching "The Incredible Hulk" when she bent down to "discreetly" answer her phone and was hit in the head by the armrest that suddenly dropped down.

(Thanks to Deb in Rochester and Jeff Meyerson)


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"While on the telephone..." Oh really? It was probably the person sitting next to her.

We call that "poetic justice" where I come from.

"Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord."

Also, but lesser known:

"Be thou courteous to thy neighbors. Silence thy cell phones in the theater lest ye die."

Jeff, my thoughts exactly. As for the blurred vision and concussion what was the arm rest made of, cast iron? Since this woman is obviously too dumb to read signs saying to turn your cell phones off in a theater, then I'm going to assume the concussion was there prior to going to the movie. I also agree with SW. The arm rest probably had a little help.

I'm supporting Jack Bauer's Armrest here...

When I serve as armrest for mrs. padraig at the movies, this is one of my fundamental duties.

Then when the offender wakes up and asks "What hit me?", mrs. p replies, "Oh, that was the armrest."

BTW, we were nowhere near Niles, Illinois on that date and we didn't even like that movie.

She should get what's coming to her in a lawsuit----


Oh, and a dismissal of the suit with her having to pay the defendant's attorneys fees

shuffles back on geezer bus-->

Mickey, you texting while high again?

Theater should countersue $100k for disturbing their patrons leading to loss of future business.

Sounds like an excellent retirement plan, to Moi Ownself ... take a kid (well, grandkids, in my case) to a movie, then sue for enuf to afford Health Insurance for another year ...

I've had at least two concussions in my life (yes, I know; it explains a lot) and it took a good deal more than getting hit with an armrest at a theater.
She must be soft-headed.

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