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March 29, 2010


The cleaning of the laptop.

(Thanks to Shmuel Tennenhaus)


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Oi vay! Humor, you call this?

Love the hat.


Oh, that won't get rid of the porn. To do that, you have to go into history and...walks away slowly, whistling under my breath.

I just use one of those little cans of compressed air. Of course I am Catholic so maybe that isn't Kosher?

Why is this post different from all others?

Different how, Meanie??

I don't get it.

nc - if you're not familiar with the Passover Seder, then my joke will make no sense to you. And explaining it will not help the humor, which, in this case, needs all the help it can get.

Whatever the ritual reason, at least it gets cleaned.

Why do we play Ghostbusters during the ritual Passover laptop cleansing?

And thank Yaweh I didn't break the blog. Whew.

Did I scare anybody?

Goy. I don't get it. Pass the shrimp.


I'm glad they didn't show the circumcision of the mouse.

*jOYns the clueless*

Meanie - because tonight we have the matzoh and cirrhosis, which is what happens when a WASP contributes to the Seder.

Is it true that in the Jewish faith, a fetus isn't considered viable until it graduates from medical school?

Or law school.

Just in time for Passover: the OiPad.

Is MtB really the youngest one here?

Well, I didn't find out about my part-Jewish heritage until 11 years ago, so, in that sense, yeah, obs.

But I forget the other three questions.....

I did not make this up, but it's cute anyway:

(To the tune of "My Favorite Things)

Cleaning and cooking and so many dishes
Out with the hametz, no pasta, no knishes
Fish that's gefiltered,
horseradish that stings
These are a few of our Passover things.

Matzoh and karpas and chopped up haroset
Shankbones and kidish and Yiddish neuroses
Tante who kvetches and uncle who sings
These are a few of our Passover things.

Motzi and maror and trouble with Pharoahs
Famines and locust and slaves with wheelbarrows
Matzoh balls floating and eggshell that clings
These are a few of our Passover things.


When the plagues strike
When the lice bite
When we're feeling sad
We simply remember our Passover things
And then we don't feel so bad.

bonmot, I like it!

Feh, you call that humor? Now The Simpsons last night, that was humor...

Again - 1:08 of my life gone for ever!

Sacha Cohen playing Freddie Mercury... can't wait to see it! I'm sure he will Freddie justice.

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