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March 24, 2010


Agim Demiri of Naperville was in court for a child support case when he got upset and threw a raw egg at the presiding judge...

(Thanks to trustf8)


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"Agim Demiri" anagrams to "Grim, I aimed."

Judge: "That's it. This hearing is OVA!"

Was it fertilized?

Meanwhile, his ex was heard to quote Dorothy Parker, saying, "How like me, to put all my eggs in one bastard."

I'll bet he left the bailiff scrambling . . .

Once the judge calmed down, he said: "Omelette you off with a fine."

the yolk was on him. to the pokey!

His ex wife refused to shell out bail, but the trial was over easy.

" $ 500 fine. See the cluck on the way out. "

His car you idiot! You're supposed to egg his car not him!

The judge should've sentenced him to a dozen days in jail.

What a crackpot.

Who let the chicken through security?

The incredible, threatable egg.

You have to wonder about the sanity of someone who brings a raw egg to court more than likely with the intent of pitching it at someone, ex or judge. Maybe that's how they do it in his country.

So, was the judge left with egg on his face?

Wow, insulting the judge. Really bright.

Sometimes ya gotta wonder about the common sense of people. Maybe some of this should be taught in school.

I've met a couple of people who used to be cops, and both mentioned that they were sworn at by people they pulled over. Swearing at people who have guns and backup. And who also might not write you a ticket if you're polite and were only borderline speeding. Hmmm.

What, no bacon or hash browns? Bet that's why "further charges are pending."

Well, Chickenman, now we see through your clever disguise!

Steve Marshall invented chicken

Will he now have to face an all-white jury?

But did the judge deserve it?

Let's send this man to Washington!

Who is your vinegar?

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