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March 01, 2010


...in opera.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Jeff Meyerson)


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Jeez, check out that all-over tan.

"The man said hug, not grope, get your friggen' hand off my butt."

OMG! It's WAY too early to stare at ugly butts. YIPES!

There oughta be a warning.

Who's staring? I promise I only took a brief glimpse.

haha bronze-man actually has a nice butt...
butt sadly the guy to the left of him looks like the flip-side of the aforementioned 'white toast' newsman.

Please don't make me look again. My eyes are bleeding.

Did they have enough girls? If so, how? If not . . .

Cleanse your eyeballs, sister siouxie:
Gaze upon the healing powers of the blessed virgin cheeto.

I saw that guy copping a feel, too. The nerve of some guys, taking advantage of the most innocent of situations!

"It doesn't feel sexual, it just feels tribal, a gathering of humanity." Which is often sexual.

Right, Cheesewiz, that's why that 19 year old guy went all right, tribalism.

Note to Siouxie: you might want to avert your eyes again.

Perhaps Siouxie prefers windsurfing.


A whole lotta flappin' in the wind there, Jeff.

I couldn't help but notice that the tall, bald guy appears to be hugging a.....bear? What the heck is that?

My hands are too small

People are always naked under their clothes . . .

I think Figaro is reconsidering.

That shot sure put me off my cottage cheese.

Yup, sharkie, my morning bun went in the trash too.

What did all y'all expect? Last night was a full moon, after all.

I am reminded of some star on Johnny Carson who recounted his visit to a nude beach. He looked at Johnny and expressed his newfound appreciation of clothing.

After looking at Jeff's first link I've decided the worst job in the world has to be where you are the person responsible for putting little brown boxes over peoples who-ha's, weiners, and boobs. Exactly what is that position called in the newspaper business?

A New Zealander man,
with a permanent tan,
That's a Maori!

I believe it's a pixilator, cindy.

nursecindy - the technical term for it is "employed."

bonmot- excellent!

True Annie. I just think after a while they would all start to look alike.

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