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March 22, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. EMP Time. Be on hand, or be a gland.


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Becky Panch is Mother Theresa

Better a gland than a glans...

Strangers in the night . . . exchanging glanses . . .


Or a prostate gland. I was going to post a picture but they all showed other male body parts. I may go and do more research.

This gland is your gland,
This gland is my gland
From California
To the New York island.
Jack's crossed the nation
In desperation
This gland he'll stab for you and me.

Also tonight...

And give this a try too, since House is a repeat...

Dana has toys? nttawt

A new 24 subplot: Gland Theft?

Will Jack be shooting people in the thighroid?

I figured it was safer not to click, what with Manilow being a gland...

You might also try this tonight, even though it's on opposite Castle.

'I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.'

Thanks to the new health care legislation all these conditions are covered, as are thigh wounds.

*snork* @ Meanie!

An interesting alternative to Castle, Jeff, but should Castle ever turn out to be a repeat I would head straight for Damages on FX, especially given Martin Short's fascinating performance as an attorney out to thwart Glenn Close -- I guarantee you will not for one minute think of Ed Grimley! As it is, I'm grateful FX repeats each episode at 11 PM so I can still see Castle too...

lol meanie!

I'm all for Jack + sharp objects + roid rage!

RE: Castle. Seamus Dever's father, Jim, was the drama teacher at one of the schools where I currently work. He was my sister's cooperating teacher for her student teaching -- she's a high school drama teacher now at the other high school in this district. Seamus played her son in "The King & I" when he was in jr. high and she was in high school. They also went to the same university. :)

The only reason why I wouldnt be there is because I would be riding around in the TARDIS with the good Doctor. Although since he is a time lord I guess I could always just hop back in time in case I do miss it.

Glands across the water (water) heads across the sky.

Following the usual explosion on "24."

By the way, it's Dana Delaney night on "Castle." All glands on deck.

And here's some more info. Let's hope the writers at Castle treat her with more respect than that lesbo stuff she's had to put up with on Desperate Housewives...

Ready to go

Oh my god...Dave Barry is also a psychic...

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