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March 26, 2010


Abba may reunite.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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*dusts off dancing queen platforms*

You may have missed this story:

Osama bin Laden Spotted in South Florida:


Keep smiling! :-)

*loads shotgun*

Hammie!!! noooooooooo~~


Mamma Mia! You can dance!

What, did the statute of limitations run out?

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

It's ok, I wouldn't shoot Osama*. Now, if you'd step away from ABBA for just a moment.

*I have a wood chipper at home for that.

Dogs AND cats, living together...

There's only one thing to do. A massive ICBM strike on Sweden.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again... no more f#@$ing ABBA!"

Too hot to hoot.

Whee! I'm leaning!

Rut roh!!

*hides from the wrath of the s.b.*

and....we have an italics trifecta!

leans the other way...

*snork* @ tony!

Got your sensible pumps ready????

Well, it's fixed in IE, anyone else still listing to starboard?

Oh, Siouxie, this definitely calls for some platforms! To heck with the sensible shoes!

...and the whole story is based on the quote “Yeah, why not?”

But I'd love to see it!

Actually, the "new generation" has the A-Teens. If they want them. The New "new generation" would like its diaper changed.

I'd love to see them too! I am also guilty of owning the DVD of 'Mamma Mia' and I love it. I generally dance around the house when "Dancing Queen" is played even though it scares the dogs to death.

Dancing Queen scares the dogs? I wonder if it could be used as a teen deterrent at the local 7-11? Like the "mosquito", only more annoying.

Dancing Queen scares the dogs? I wonder if it could be used as a teen deterrent at the local 7-11? Like the "mosquito", only more annoying.

I blame the italics russians.

Oh damn.

wiredog! *SMACKS dog with newspaper* Actually I think it's my dancing that scares my dogs. Especially the lab. She's not sure whether to applaud or treat me for a seizure disorder. What I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm. (/s)

I was trying to close the strikeouts btw. Is anyone else going through error messages when they try to post? I signed into typepad and it says my email and url are incorrect whenever I try to post or preview. Yet....the annoying one is still getting through.


ohhhhhhh nooooo~

Anyone care to f*up the bold and make it a perfect trifecta??

should be As Good As New

Chris, typepoop doesn't allow us mere peons to feex the blog anymore.

I Have a Dream
that the broken fonts will get fixed

I know Siouxie, but I figured I'd try anyway.
Plus, it gave me a way to use a couple of ABBA song titles.

but the strikethrough goes On And On And On

sweep sweep...

Jeez, people, what is up with the tags today?

Where's the cabana boy...Ferrrrrrrrrrrnando?????????

I thought Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolando was the cabana boy... ;) Better that we have two!

Try that, eh?

I said, Try that, eh?

Since the fromatage is all confondu, I'll refrain from comment about the hand of the fan in the picture.

try that?

tony, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolando is my personal cabana boy. We hired Ferrrrrrrrrrrrrrnando to clean up the blog. He wears a silver thong! (besides, I'm following Chris's lead and using an Abba song).

How come tony can fix it but I can't?

*heads off to pout

*realizes it's almost quittin time on a Friday
*jumps behind blogbar and pours a scotch
*stops caring about font tags

Um...it's still broked. No need to pout, dear.

*grabs beer* Almost 5, right?

It's "fixed" on IE but not on Firefox. Curiouser and curiouser.

In S.E.PA, using IE8, it went back to normal after tony swept up. Just sayin.

Anyone else? Beer? Scotch? There only one shot of taquila left...

British Airways could use our expertise in how to end a strike.

If this succeeds, maybe Chrysler will bring back the Cordoba.

Nice job djtonyb!

Still seeing ital and strike. I wonder what would happen if I left bold and underline tags open?

I'd piss off judi by making her clean this crap up on a friday night, is what would happen.

Well, it doesn't do underlines... Insists on having a url...

And now the bot's after me...

Moobs and Abba all in one day.


(Let's just call it - MOOBABBA!!!)

¿ʍou ɹǝʇʇǝq

Ok friends.....what would be the ingredients in a drink called MOOBABBA???

I'm thinking two grapefruits have to be squeezed in there somehow.

Ok..now you've done it, dawg!! Mom's gonna be pi-ised!

*tries some tricks in firefox*

*tries something else*

And " 24 " is history.

Thanks, judi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for feexing the blog!!)

Chicachita now I can die happy. Feh.

People, please don't take this the wrong way because I have been guilty of messing up the blog a bunch of times...just trying to keep from making judi work overtime (she's way to busy getting fired and rehired as it is!)

Please TRY to preview your posts when you use html tags to make sure you close them. It takes few extra seconds!

/end rant

way TOO busy that is!

thanks for letting me know, siouxie! i do appreciate it.

we CAN just shut off the capability if it's too much danged trouble for you to check what you're doing. AND send you to your rooms. AND your face will freeze that way. AND wait til The Blog gets home.

but wiredog? seriously. (strk) is not even CLOSE. ;-p

judi, I think you may just need to spank them.

judi: you forgot to add "and this is why we can't have nice things"...

Plus, what if they put someone's eye out?

That's what happens when I type faster than I think. Vowels dssappear.

Close your html tags, or hair will grow on your palms and you'll go blind.

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