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March 22, 2010


Brits dress badly.

Men are scum.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and catmanmax)


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let me get this straight. the brits dress badly, but nobody's checked the people in nyc who wear stripes and plaids together, and other mismatched stuff?

I get the impression that this contests main criterion was how much one spends on average each month. Having seen some of the "fashions" touted in the larger cities, I am not jealous.
Besides, I've always been on the cutting edge of fashion. Unfortunately, it was the trailing edge rather than the lead.
I still wear the sweatshirt with the burn hole in the front from my pipe.
I quit smoking in 1987. It's a good, comfortable shirt.

Hey, I resent that, queensbee! New Yorkers know how to dress.

As do we here in Shelby.

Wearing dark socks with sandals also is bad for our gender.

So stop it.

bonmot, my in laws live in Ormond Beach, Fl. My fil wears black knee socks, sandals, and shorts that go to the tops of his knees. The only tan part on his legs is a strip of his kneecaps. He also wear a white fishing hat because some lady in their retirement community said it looked cute on him. My mil says the woman also talks to telephone poles and squirrels but he still wears it. I think he does it to drive her crazy.


Helena Bonham Carter must obviously be aware of her fashion shortfall. Proof lies in recent actions by her, an attempt to draw attention away from her rags, and towards her hugely injected botox head.

If the peaceful are true, they don't eat it.

Damn. The inmates are loose again.

Judi!!!! Nut on the blog again!!!

So they dress badly. At least they have nice teeth.

Is Judy Tenuta British ?


I think we may be related. I have kin that act that way, but they live in Texas.

Anyone who thinks Brits dress badly has obviously never been to North Dakota.

All we do is dress warm. Jack Bauer would be dead man in that outfit..

Longing for the Sun, EB

Come on down, EB! We're going to be sunny and 75 today, here in the South of Texas.

I expected more entries on the "Men are scum" study (conducted by two non-men).

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