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March 27, 2010


It's official: There will be no 24 next year. This is bad for the economy, as literally thousands of moles will be unemployed.

(Thanks to many people)


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Oh, well .... time to break out the movie, the animated series, the web episodes, the greeting cards, the ....

Great. I just got a 24 t-shirt. Now where am I going to wear it? Even worse what are we going to live blog about now?

..the musical?

Annie, I like a good musical as well as anyone else however, I just can't see Jack Bauer dancing around and singing:
I'm going to shoot you in the thigh!
So it's farewell, lights out, good bye.
It will take 1000 bullets to accomplish this.
The first 999 are sure to miss.
Freckles is in the nut house her sanity is unsure.
Just because she over did a bad guy's manicure!

There, there, 24 fanatics...I'm sure you'll find another show.

Perimeters unestablished and not evaded. Economic realities of drinking game loss on Monday nights.

I'm really sad. :-( I think I'm going to look at pictures of Kiefer in a kilt to cheer me up.


(I still think he's hot)

Annie! I'm shocked! And to think I just called you a reliable member of the blog on another post.


I was hoping they might do a 23 on the day we change to daylight saving time or a 25 on the day we change back (offer not valid in Arizona).

I don't think they realize how many people they've been keeping off the streets every Monday night.

There are still rumors that NBC could pick up the show - they have prime time slots to fill next season after the Jay Leno disaster. This may not be over....

*SMACKS* Annie!!! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeshus!


I guess we'll have to live-blog DWTS or American Idol.

Gee, Siouxie, why don't you gals just live-blog Castle, if you think you can do so without drooling...

That's just it, Steve - I need to FULLY concentrate on the hunkiness of Nathan.

I misread the blog caption originally as "a nation of morons", which, really, still applies.

It may very well be bad for the economy, but America will be about 1200 percent safer without CTU on the job.

What will The Amazing Steve be up to next? Perhaps he can do recaps for the NBC show Chuck. Steve - you are Amazing, well, at least your 24 recaps are. If 24 gets picked up by another network they should hire you immediately as a screen writer, as long as you are paid the big bucks.

Maybe Dave will start blogging about another show.

NurseCindy, I really liked your post about Jack in a musical - funny! I think they should do that as a comedy parody of 24.

Actually I'd like him to try and explain Lost or Flashforward...

Hey, remember the writers' strike? We got through 24-lessness once, and we can do it again. (Of course, it took feats of extraordinary amazingness by TAS).

We could live blog, "Project Runway" or "Operation Repo". Could be interesting. Of course the Amazing Steve would just recap on that one,"They got another car and the owners are mad and swear they are not behind on their payments". I'm ashamed to say I have watched Operation Repo. It's sort of like a train wreck. You don't want to look at it but you can't take your eyes off it. Thanks Kristina.

*snork* @ nc's lyrics.

I've made a reservation at the betty ford clinic already for the day after the season finale.

:( :( :( :( :(

BarryGRAM for Annie!

wiredog is out of control.

I think maybe our societies attention span, or lack of it has contributed to the downfall of 24.. They should have the series just be "@90 minutes" so that it's like the average length of a feature film...And have no dialogue just humming of the best hits of 1970's A.M radio and lots of throat clearing.. And maybe someone drinking a tall glass of ice water too fast and getting a brain freeze.

with apologies to supertramp...

Seems like early morning yesterday
That 24 first came on.
And I really have enjoyed Jack's stay
But he must be moving on.
Like a king without a castle
(Never pees: He has no throne!)
He's an ever-mourning lover
And he must be moving on

Goodbye Jack Bauer, it's been nice
Hope you find your paradise
Loved your shooting, loved your game
Monday nights won't be the same...

Goodbye Chloe, 'bye Rene
Time to put your guns away.
Goodbye Cole you
were a fool
Your babe's a mole and
you're a tool.
Goodbye Hastings, won't miss you
Time was wasting at CTU.
Feel no sorrow, feel no shame
Hope everyone gets killed off
& Jack's to blame!

We'll keep bloggin'
'Ya Gotta Believe!'
Thanks to Dave and
The Amazing Steve!

I don't know who he is behind that mask of his, but his eulogy to 24 pretty much says it all, and says it for all of us, I think...

inserts silent clock for Jack, Bill, Chloe, Edgar, Tony the turncoat, Presidents Palmer and Logan and everyone else who helped make 24 a must-see for so many of us...

Well, at least this won't put any writers out of work.

No doubt some will find gainful employment.

I know it's hard to believe, but Howard Gordon used to be a good writer/producer when he was with the X-Files.

So...what's going to be the show's finale in May?

Wish: Jack somehow ends up heading out to California, and it's Christmas time and he's carrying this really big teddy bear, and the guy sitting next to him on the plane, as they're taxiing along to the LAX terminal, tells him how to relax by taking off his shoes and making fists with his feet, and then the guy freaks when he sees Jack's gun, but Jack says, "It's okay; I've been doing this for eight years" and then...

nc and t8, hee hee!

Annie -- I saw the link destination before I clicked!!!! *does a raspberry*

I think Flashforward would be great to do, or Fringe if we can figure out when it's on. I vote no reality shows!

Amazing Steve! Maybe you could just make up your own for us!

Golly, I sure hope this news doesn't drive Kiefer to drink.

Surely, before May's final show, TAS and everyone can team up to create the greatest, thigh shooten-est, taser-est, 24 script ever... so great that NBC or FOX or Al Jazeera pick it up. C'mon. Pimp My Jack!

Setting up perimeter around a case of beer.

Good lyrics, cindy.

What's next?

Well, there's the Saturday morning kiddie show, Kim & the Cougar. That could work.

The problem is, they wrote (so to speak) themselves into a corner they couldn't get out of. Without President Allstate & the evil Sherry and George and Edgar and Michelle and Tony and Bill and Karen and The Hobbit and (even) Nina Myers, what's left?

If they were on one more season would they kill off Chloe and leave Jack really alone?

I'm guessing he'll ride off into the sunset with Renee.

They finally won.

TV Guide does its own poll...

And the inevitable blog follow-up...

Thanks Jeff. I'm thinking, "24. The Opera". Just tossing out an idea there. Denzel Washington would be a good president in the movie. Jon Gosselin would be an excellent villian providing he gets offed in the first 3 minutes of the film. Perhaps in the previews of coming attractions? Adrian Monk could team up with Jack to fight crime. House could be their on call doctor. Since it's set in NYC now they could run into Central Perk and shoot a few of the members of Friends in the thigh. Of course they would all be moles.

I could see Chloe temping on "The Office." Jack could visit "Glee."

I still say Donald Sutherland as the villain. For President, I don't know, how about her?

And of course for head of CTU...

And when they get to the end the evil masterminds will turn out to be her and him.

At the end of the finale, Dr. Hartley is going to sit up in bed, look at Mrs. Hartley, and say "I just had the weirdest dream."

or else the camera will pan in on some autistic kid's snow globe...

just yesterday morning
they let us know you were gone
soon as they can they'll shut down the CTU
if chloe's listening, will you write down this
guys to dismember, got a lot to do!

i've seen moles and i've seen pain
i've made perimeters just to see them fail
my idea of rest is two years in a chinese jail!
but i always thought i'd see marwan again...

torturing scum isn't really fun
saving the country's just another day
been exposed to diseases, not in any health plan
the radiation kills germs ,is what the docs will say

i've seen moles and i've seen pain
i've got months thinking tony was my friend
i've bent guys' body parts that you really shouldn't
but i always though i'd see edgar again...

Kiefer needs to do a comedy now... " Two and a Half Terrorists " maybe.


End of a blogging and complaining and drinking era.

I miss Marwan, insomniac.


I vote we all jump over to CSI: Miami on CBS. Drink for every unnatural pause, putting on of sunglasses and bad pun.

"Kiefer needs to do a comedy now..."

Wait, wait wait. .....Wait.

You mean "24" isn't a comedy??

I vote for "Burn Notice" on USA -- lots of explosions, shooting, quirky characters, if you can figure out when it's going to be on. Plus, a lot of it happens in daytime so you can see what's happening.

Incredibly funny comments as usual. Poetry/music incredible (trustf7 & insomniac) I loved nursecindy's ideas for the movie (would Jack be driven to shoot Monk ?). Well done all !

I've got it! The spinoff will be...

CTU: Human Resources

"Hey look! This guy belongs to six different terrorist groups and links us to his personal website "deathtoamerica.com"

"Perfect. Hire him."

Burn Notice would get my vote.

Sempre Fi!

I think this is a good thing. How should it end? I vote for a big explosion and Chloe as the only survivor. She goes on to become president.

Burn Notice gets my vote too. I can't do it with Castle since I'll be drooling.

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