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March 26, 2010


The right to poo.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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The politicians should make this their #2 campaign issue

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of crappiness.

I thought it said the right to poo in the pool for a second.

*goes for first cup of coffee*

The other main stories are:

Corporate trustees welcome first step in new regulatory system

Leaky building repairs a tax boost - mayor

MP's grandstanding with a piece of blank paper a joke too far

Interesting juxtapositioning.

I'd just like to dump my thoughts here, on this pubic forum. We need to push, push, push for reform! No playing turtle on this one. Fight to the ends of the earth and the bowels of hell!
Let's wipe this thing clean.

I wash my hands of anti-poopers.

I'm right behind you, my poo BFF!

NO doubt they'll find a way to tax that, too...

*sets mousetrap*

So... no more floating bowl webcams...?

It is indeed the slippery slope into flushism...

They watch, butt do they keep a log.

Turn the situation around. My mother-in-law is a "curtains closed" person while I'm curtains open. She admonished me once about opening the curtains by saying, "Someone could be in one of those condos (100 yards away) and watching you with binoculars. What if you forgot and walked through your living room naked?"
"Well," I replied, "I'd have to say that that's their tough luck and I'm not paying for therapy."
If you look, beware of what you might see.

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