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March 29, 2010


Here is where we stand:

The terrorists are transporting the Lethal Atomic Rods of Doom into Manhattan aboard an inflatable boat. Jack tried to stop them by engaging in a gunfight, during which more shots were fired than in all of World War II; unfortunately the police never showed up to help because this battle took place in a remote, deserted, desolate and uninhabited part of New York City, namely, Brooklyn. During the fight Jack got shot and now has a collapsed lung, which for a human would be serious but for Jack is the medical equivalent of dandruff.

Meanwhile at CTU headquarters:

-- Chloe, after pulling a gun on a generic 24 moron authority figure, tapped into the trunk line and got CTU back into operation, thus enabling the crack CTU team to resume the vital work of not having a clue what is going on.

-- Agent Dana Walsh strangled probation officer Bill Prady and phoned the terrorists, thus establishing that she is either a mole or even dumber than she previously seemed.

-- Edgar is still dead.

At this point you are asking yourself: Why is this night different from all other nights? The answer is: It's Passover, which means here in the Barry household we are hosting a traditional Jewish-Prebyterian seder, which means I might be joining you late, or (depending on the level of strictly religious wine consumption) not at all. But I'm sure you'll all supply your usual shrewd analysis in the comments section. Be sure to stay tuned after the show for the recap by The Amazing Steve.

Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll:

Do you think Jack will be hampered by his collapsed lung?
Don't be an idiot.
Jack has four more lungs.
Jack can go for two weeks without oxygen.
Jack can breathe through his feet.
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UPDATE:OK! I'm here! Did I miss anything?


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Low budget special forces with the same body armor as NYC police.

Klaatu Barata Nikto to you too, my friend!

Chipmunks make too much chattery noises.

Good one KJP.

Gen - so does Dana. :P ;-)

Way to rub it in LG commerical... showing "The End"



I want one of those LG 3D TV's.

"Chipmunks make too much chattery noises."

Gennita, that sounds EXACTLY like Dana thus far in the season...

ooooooh I NEED a 3D TV!


Artisanal Cheese Whacka Fonduta!

And here I coulda been watching Dancing with the Stars.

Anyone waiting for an X-Files monster of the week to get the special forces team?

it's the Final FINAL!

I hope the final ten hous are more interesting than the last ten.

Oy. A "television event." Again. ><

I hate that Dave missed all the naked Victoria Secret commercials this week. That's payback for the Manilow picture, btw. Oh boy! A special 2 hour event next week.

Oooh Jack tortures Dana next week!

HANDBAG is back.

2 hour 24 next week. Sweetness.

Actually, I'm waiting for a SyFy,/i> monster of the week to get the SF team.

This season is that bad...

Finally, Jack gets to mess Dana up.

And the return of President Handbag!

Hasta la bye bye, y'all. I'm moving on to Castle's more believable New York.

I don't believe it! President Weasel is BACK!


WHOA....Jack versus the blonde hick-bitch...sell tickets, I'm in.

now we'll find out what happened to logan


How'd you fix it, Wes?

Wes, did you break the blog?

The least they could do is provide subtitles so *perhaps* it might make outlandish plots slightly more

So if I offended any goats, it was not intended.

"For eight seasons, 24 has pushed it's audience's suspension of disbelief further than any other show."

Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Wes broke the blog!!

So, I'm still interested: how do you guys think they're going to end the series?

So will we also see Nina again? What about Awwwdrey?

I broke it, but I cleaned up my mess.



Okay then, Dana is a chipmunk. Jack is going to torture a chipmunk.

Oh please merciful God, not Awwwwdrey again...

/i> Nathan is yummy

Dave is so lucky he was sedering rather than watching, other than the NAKEDS ad of course.

Ah, Wes. And even Jeff kept the lines straight tonight. ;)

I can't wait to see Former President Handbag again! Such a shame that he's no longer with First Ramparts.

At least I got to watch this tonight without tornado's flying around in my front yard like last night. In fact I believe that N.C. made the national news today because of our weather.

Not on Firefox, it's not cleaned up, Wes!

Of course she's alive..sheesh...and naked LOL


Castle sees Kate nekkid!

/i> I knew it was going to happen like that on Castle.

I'm on firefox and no italics. Not in typepoop though.

Hmmm. I know I yelled Logan! into the blog about a second after his clean-shaven bug-eyed face appeared. The echo seems to have disappeared into the italics.

I am so glad Beckett didn't die. Dana Delaney will never look as good in an evening gown.

So now that Beckett's dead is Dana Delany going to be a regular?

When's Castle and Beckett kiss? Probably years. Arrrghhh

That was some crappy bomb.

Seriously, what show other than 24 would celebrate its own cancellation with a two-hour special episode?

I like Castle's Dana better.

Good luck with this Amazing Steve. I look forward to your recap.

Ah, good. It's not just me.

Hey Cassie,

Rick wouldn't have been as bashful with his Nikki vs Castle ;-).

Well done everyone. I laughed heartily...or hardily...or lots.

Key Lesson from this episode: The NYC police need to wear pallets.

Maybe Young Bauer will come back, and Jack, Chloe, and
Young Bauer will stop the terrorists writers.

It's raining again.

This is getting old.

Actually, we can't clean up our own droppings anymore, Wes. The Amazing judi will have to take care of it. It's a feature, you see.

Or post enough to get to the next century.

Who wins in a love triangle --> Dark Renee/Jack/Awwwdrey? Dark Renee saws Awwwdrey's thumb off!

OMG, you're so right. The car... damn... that was so hot.

Actually, Boris, I think Kim deserves first crack at the writers, for all the abuse they put her through...

Young Bauer, Jack's granddaughter & Chloe's son:
24 - The Next Generation?

I like that trustf8

Cassie ;-D. Seatbelts.

I tricked out my nook by loading up pictures of Jack, Krycek, Mike, Sam, Fi, Castle and Beckett. Screensavers I love to stare at.

GL - ur love triangle sounds like a psycho Rock, Paper, Scissors

Damn, I think I'll make myself a Rita.

Cassie, the car was ... so ... hot ... because Renee saws off Awdrey's thumb? With a loose underwire, maybe?

Are you going to Nashville in July? I'm planning to. Loved it last year when I got the pict of you and Dianna.

You forget Michael (Nikita).

Ha, then Renee is scissors to Awwdrey's paper.

...& Jack is Hard as a Rock

I'm 80 percent sure I'm going, Cassie. I'll bring you some pearls :D. And something special.

Gennita, that's for reminding me. Gonna look for him and Peta. :-D

I'm going to be at the OASIS SciFi Convention this May too. I know many of you guys are near Orlando. I'll be on the...uh...sex panel. Wow. Why can't I get on a Jack Bauer panel?


That is Jack's Ball you're talking about.

How long until Parole Office Melvin starts oozing goo redder than a Swingline 747 stapler from his makeshift Office Space in CTU? Are the Bobs in there, too, BTW?

You need to do Script Frenzy because I want to read that script of Renee sawing off Awdrey's thumb.


I give him two hours. Jack will find him. Isn't he in the holding room?


That was MY script ad. I want violence between Awwdrey and Renee.

We should get Amazing Steve to write the Script. He would be the Champion of All.

Gennita, sweet. Did you have time to read the book I gave you? Jack screaming on the cover is so apropros. I need to find that book someone in my house. Still haven't read it or I might just download it.


You know, I think I did, but I can't remember what it was about right now...so many Jack plotlines in my head!

I lost him after the throttling. I got the vague impression that Dana had him stuffed. Into a cabinet. The cubbyhole-finish-(not-(necessarily)-Finnish)-carpentry-kind, not the Madame Wooden Dialogue Sprouted A Check-Out-My-Nakeds-They're-Fulla-Balls-Cuz-I'm-The-President-ial kind. (In a we-can-share-power-yet-still-be-unique, inclusively, "manly" way that she has. Suddenly.)

Wow, Vowels, say that fast three times.

And, I'd love to Cassie, but really don't have the time. Which probably means I'd hate to, but I don't want to overthink my indolence.

Beckett needs to go to the Jack Bauer school. Coulda blown his head into mud point blank through the glass.


What do I win?


Something wooden.

and when will someone come looking for the parole officer?? isn't he 'awall'?

Did you know that "TypePad Facebook Twitter" can be rearranged as "Trod Web Of Tacky Appetite"?

Well, I stake my claim to it then! :-)

don't give me another time waster!

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