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March 29, 2010


Here is where we stand:

The terrorists are transporting the Lethal Atomic Rods of Doom into Manhattan aboard an inflatable boat. Jack tried to stop them by engaging in a gunfight, during which more shots were fired than in all of World War II; unfortunately the police never showed up to help because this battle took place in a remote, deserted, desolate and uninhabited part of New York City, namely, Brooklyn. During the fight Jack got shot and now has a collapsed lung, which for a human would be serious but for Jack is the medical equivalent of dandruff.

Meanwhile at CTU headquarters:

-- Chloe, after pulling a gun on a generic 24 moron authority figure, tapped into the trunk line and got CTU back into operation, thus enabling the crack CTU team to resume the vital work of not having a clue what is going on.

-- Agent Dana Walsh strangled probation officer Bill Prady and phoned the terrorists, thus establishing that she is either a mole or even dumber than she previously seemed.

-- Edgar is still dead.

At this point you are asking yourself: Why is this night different from all other nights? The answer is: It's Passover, which means here in the Barry household we are hosting a traditional Jewish-Prebyterian seder, which means I might be joining you late, or (depending on the level of strictly religious wine consumption) not at all. But I'm sure you'll all supply your usual shrewd analysis in the comments section. Be sure to stay tuned after the show for the recap by The Amazing Steve.

Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll:

Do you think Jack will be hampered by his collapsed lung?
Don't be an idiot.
Jack has four more lungs.
Jack can go for two weeks without oxygen.
Jack can breathe through his feet.
pollcode.com free polls

UPDATE:OK! I'm here! Did I miss anything?


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Signing in early while watching DWTS

Elegy Written in a TV Graveyard
A lament on the decline and fall of 24
One season per verse, plus a postscript

(with apologies to Thomas Gray)

When first we met Jack Bauer years ago
He managed CTU with balls and brass.
The Drazens took him on; he laid them low
Then Nina offed his wife. This show kicked ass!

In Season Two, we faced atomic doom
When bad guys hid an H-bomb in L.A.
Jack foiled the plot; George Mason went ka-boom
And Kim met with a cougar. Um...okay...

In Season Three, the flames of fear were fanned
When Saunders put a virus into play
Jack whacked Chapelle and lopped off Chase's hand
Then blubbered at the end! No freakin' way!

Day Four, and Marwan's thugs were all around;
With each escape, belief was sorely tried.
Reactors melted, Air Force One went down;
Rogue Jack went on the lam, and Audrey cried.

In Season Five, near half the cast was greased,
Michelle blown up, and Palmer cruelly shot.
With poison gas from canisters released
Came doom to Hobbit, Edgar, Tony (not!).

Annoying subplots ruled in Season Six;
We met bad Bauers, Dad and brother Graem.
With Cheng and crazy Audrey in the mix
While Jack pursued a chip, who gave a damn?

Then last year, what a tangled web we had:
Dubaku's moles comprised a giant flock,
A resurrected Tony went all bad,
And frogmen hit the White House. What a crock.

It's now Day Eight, and everything's the same:
A mole has CTU in disarray,
HQ's blown up, the plot's surpassing lame.
The show's now dead; there's naught but this to say:

The Epitaph

If only Chloe'd been allowed free rein
And given but a taser and a gun
There would have been no bad guys gone unslain
They would have all been toast in Season One.

Ford79 - nicely done! ... Although, this is the first season I've watched "24," and it seems ... passable?

Guess I need to pull the others on Netflix and really enjoy myself. :-)

I Jack can go 24 hours without peeing he can do an Ironman with one functioning lung.

*Lifts glowing rod of doom for F-79!*

Oops... you didn't see that...

Awesome, Ford!





Ready to go! See you about an hour after the show is over!

Or at least you can hope it will be worthy of caps lock excitement.

Ok. What incredibly incompetent, security defying blunder will CSU do tonight?

Strike-Thru April is next, right?

AAAACCCCKKK! I got Manilowed by Dave!!

Hey, guys--can't join you tonight, but I'll be watching the show on Hulu tomorrow, pausing and clicking over to this site every few minutes to make sure I'm up to date with tonight's comments (which will be last night's comments when I watch tomorrow), then back to the show, then back to the comments...

The excited anticipation is so great that I may explode.

Make Judi's month. Open-tag April.

˙ʇı oʇ ƃuıɹ ɐ ɟo ǝɹoɯ sɐɥ lıɹdɐ uʍop ǝpısdn

Excellent job, Ford! Spot on!

And Dave...tsk tsk...

Beautiful job, Ford!! :D

Hello all, and Happy Passover, Dave!



Andy's out tonight attending a hockey game. He's hoping there's more excitement there. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

Brought to you by: JackSack™ ("JackSack™ went to a boxing match once and a hockey game broke out.") and ChloeSack™ ("ChloeSack™ wouldn't mind going into the penalty box after fighting FreckleSack™ on the ice.")


This season's "24" intros are brought to you in memory of my dear friend Michael "Sparky" Bushaw, who passed away the day after this past Christmas. Sparky, my fraternity big brother, best man at my wedding and best friend for the last 20 years, was the one person with whom I watched "24" when it originally premiered on Fox. Always a fan of the show, I believe it fitting to dedicate this season in his memory. Rest in peace, brother...I miss you!


I understand Ethan's 8 hour nap is over and he'll be back.

Well done Ford.

Aaaannnnnd- here we go! Viewer intoxication is advised...

Hi everyone! First night in weeks when I am 100 percent yours! :D

Is Interferon effective against IRK predecessor cells?

Andy won't be here, so I plugged in his intro tonight - ON TIME! W00t for me!

L'chaim, Dave.

Say 'hi' to Elijah.

Hi, Gen!! Welcome back!! :)

I still can't believe she killed off Melvin. I want his red Swingline.

I hear Andy is self-flagellating at a Panthers game.

Hi Gennita. You evil woman for leaving it like that. When can I expect Virtually One? Late this year? :-)

Whoa. A eulogy to start the hour? And Jack's collapsed lung is already healed! DRINK!

Lungs? I don't need no steenkin' lungs!

Oh no, a collapsed lung might affect Jack's ability to yell people into submission!


Painkiller?? Jack don't need no stinkin' painkillers!
Lungs?? Jack don't need no....nevermind.

The following takes place between 5 am and 6 am.

Kong has escaped, and hellicopters are searching the east river....

Jack's back in whisper mode.

Freckles is back.

You do NOT want to take that cab after the rods have been for a ride.

In my life, six minutes ago IS realtime.

great minds, meanie.

Hi Diva!
No homework, no sickness... I'm ready to save the world with Jack!

Although, I'm a little tired of all these taxi rides....

I'm amazed at how little traffic there is in NYC.

Rods Over Manhattan
Metal Case In A Yellow Cab
Get Them Mobilized


Chloe really needs to Taser Starbuck

No one notices Dana talking to the terrorists or disrupting the signal?

Who do you think will take out Dana?
A) Chloe
B) Cole
C) Jack
D) Renee
E) Other

Dana's hushed-grunt-through clenched-teeth is no match for Chloe's eye rolls.

Finally someone tells President Woman President what's going on.

Well, I'm trying to finish it now. I'm glad you enjoyed the bk, though.

Hey, Dana looks so calm and ebil!

Because of... I mean, despite our best efforts...

Jeff, she's barely moving her lips. Clearly they cannot see this.

Dana The Not-Quite-Sotto-Voce Mole

How good is your intelligence?

Is that a trick question?

@Kate, I'm going with E - she's going to take herself out.

Oh, I felt better when Haystings was personally guaranteeing the safety of Manhattan.

"How could this happen?"

Apparently the history of CTU is not in the annals of the Library of Congress.

Kate, I think Chloe will take her out. Or Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Now there's suddenly as much traffic as morning rush hour?

"We don't need all resources; just Jack."

"I can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan."

Like incompetent Hastings COULD have in the first place, at least without Jack to hold his hand...

Chloe can find Jack with no information 100 miles away with just her computer expertise and they lost them?

I hope Chloe tazers Dana. That'd be an awesome showdown.

Jack must be on Whitehouse speed dial from past administrations

Hastings: I can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan.

I love that line.

Check all the pizza joints. Those terrorists haven't eaten for hours.

"How good is your intelligence?"

Apparently the military ha never dealt with Hastings!

"I can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan", Hastings says.

Proves my point. I get it, 24 is a COMEDY!!! ROLF!

They need Jack clones.

Jack takes White House calls like I take calls from those pests at Columbia House Collections Dept.

Jack is doing well considering he's operating with only one working lung. Not even SOB. (short of breath)

@Cheesewiz - it's the second button the Red Phone

Yay Freckles.

Did Jack say he wanted to get to first base with the President?


"We can no longer ensure the security of Manhattan"

not that they could have anyway.....

Freckles is better back-up than CTU.

Where are those accents from?

Redemption arc for Tarin? Sheesh.


"Times Square Taxi"?


By any chance, is Tarin related to Sylar?

President Allstate! Come back, we need you...bad.

Well, the WDG is in fine fettle tonight.

OK: Younger, dumber Russian son took one peek at the Incredible Rods of the Apocalypse and came down with fatal rad poisoning...and these guys are hauling the Rods around in a duffel bag and still have all their hair, teeth and skin?

nursecindy - I would say Greenpoint.

Kate: F) Montpelier

Dana. Chloe with an M4 in the library.

So how many holes in his body Jack has healed in the past few hours? The torture wound, the punctured lung, a bunch of punches by a cop in the basement (was that this day or Day 7? So long ago).


we all chant
"BRing back, bring back, bring back President Allstate!"

Phone rings...

My insurance was cancelled???

Sorry, President Allstate has broken up with 24. Apparently it was easy to do.

cindy, Accents-R-Us.

Arlo will take Starbuck out.

Wes, maybe only Russians are susceptible to the Rods.


I sincerely hope Dave did not miss "THE NAKEDS" from Victoria & her Secret.

Victoria's Secret introduces The Nakeds!

The season has finally paid off.

Gennita in 24 time Jack has been beaten up, almost electrocuted, and has been shot all in the past 3 hours. And he still hasn't had to pee. He is amazing.

Anyone up for the Script Frenzy challenge? Write a 100 page script during April.

I know some of you can do it. That's 2 hours of 24. It's fun. Edgar lives. All moles die. Nina's a zombie. ;)

I'm no scriptwriter, but I won the last 3 years.

EEEYOW. The Nakeds. I got a rod of doom for ya.

Woohoo! Subterranean evacuation! Let's all be earthworms!

New Jersey????????????????/

Ooh, a service tunnel. Does it lead directly into the White House?

I like Jack's new earring. Oh, it's his fancy earpiece....

THEY weren't naked ! Lawyers....

Freckles is all clear eyed and bushy tailed. Jack's apartment was good for her.

I'm glad you reminded me Cassie. I'm definitely in.

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