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February 16, 2010


2 Men Steal $2,000 Worth Of Panties

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Jeez. $2000 worth fit in a bag? I hope we're talking a a huge one!

... aaaand the hat trick?

I'm sure the local cops will get to the bottom of this.

Gonna be a big day at the flea market.

This takes the concept of a panty raid to a whole new level.

Can you believe that 130 pairs of panties would cost over $2000? Maybe $2000 worth of Fruit of the Looms would take several trips, but apparently Victoria Secrets panties have much less material.

A day late, boys.....

They didn't go for cheap. They wanted expensive stuff.

Somewhere there are two women wondering where they're going to put the 65 pair of panties they got for Valentines Day from their sweeties.

I have no doubt police will crack this case wide open.

$ 2000 worth of panties from Victoria's Secret ? So... all they got was one pair...?

I read that link as " ... $2,000 worth of pennies ... "

I apologize for wonderin' whut size of truck they used to haul away the loot ...

Think of all those poor Louisiana women who will now have to go commando.

I was gonna say, what, they got maybe a dozen pairs?
My wife buys there. I see the charge on the bank account and go, what, another car payment? That's not gonna be a very big bag, guys. It can be, however, interesting stuff.
And the catalogs. When I was a kid, we couldn't get porn that good.

Did they find out the secret?

Duh, Valentine's Day, Dave!

That was a big (well, semi-big) story on the local news down here.


Maybe they were running a marathong.

Hmm -- $2000 divided by 130 is roughly $15.38 per pair. Looks like the shoplifting ain't the only larceny going on here.

And it's all modeled by a remarkable collection of women who lack nipples.

Such a panty waste.

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