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February 23, 2010


Killer ants with taste for cat food attack toads

(Thanks to John Reagan)


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Meat ants that can slaughter dozens of frogs in under two minutes?! Is there ANYTHING in Oz that's not instantly fatal?

There are meat ants?

If I don't quit reading some of these wild animal threads, I'm never going to feel comfortable going outside.

Ants on the ground
Ants on the ground
Lookin’ fo food all you ants on the ground!
Toad in yo mouth
Cat food: yummy! Ants hit the ground
Call yourself a tool, cat, looking for food
Munchin' down toads all yo ants on the ground
get it up!!

major *snork* @ trustf8!

Yeah, the whole concept of "meat ants" is vaguely disturbing.

We have fire ants here in the South of Texas, and they're bad enough.

Sometimes I think if God truly were merciful, mosquitoes would only eat fire ants. Or vice versa; take your pick.

I too am slightly disturbed by the term "Meat Ants", and also by the cavalier way this species is mentioned, and even moreso by the idea of teaming up with them.

If I had a problem with feral cats, I don't think I would lure grizzlies into my neighborhood to take care of them. Seems like a similar proposition, just on a smaller scale.

Those would be some kind of ants to have in your pants.

ribbit ribbit rib... chomp chomp chomp

MPM: "Jack what are we going to do. Terrorists are releasing Deadly Atomic Meat Ants of Doom into the New York streets".

JB: "Freckles can infiltrate the colony and become queen and I'm going to need a whole lot more bullets."

Well Dad-O, the difference is they already HAVE grizzlies in the neighborhood; they're just teaching them where to get more to eat.

Which is my problem with this. Watch for next year's headline, "Bumper Crop Of Meat Ants Eats The Dingoes and The Babies!!"

Wasn't Fred MacMurray in that movie?

Just another reason why NOT traveling to Australia is a good idea..

Remind anybody of a song?

"They brought in the ants to eat the toads,
They brought in the toads to eat the beetles,
The beetles that ate all the sugar cane needles..."

(I know they're called shoots, not needles, but it didn't rhyme.)

I double-dast defy anyone to stand next to a fire ant mound and fail to realize that some ants do eat meat. Not only that, but you'll be tenderized, first.

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